Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

VGP Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Resources

Welcome! The VGP Section is dedicated to advancing the principles of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion among our members. Here you will find DEI resources, a calendar of events and deadlines relevant to VGP members, a curated feed of timely articles and discussions, and links to DEI organizations.


AGU DEI Resources

Safe AGU:

The Safe AGU program was designed to promote safety and offer support to meeting attendees who may feel harassed, threatened or unsafe in any way when participating in AGU meetings. Volunteers and staff at AGU events wearing Safe AGU buttons have been trained to assist those who experience unsafe or inappropriate behavior at Fall Meeting.

To make a report, please refer to their website.

AGU Ethics and Equity Center: The AGU Ethics and Equity Center provides resources to educate, promote and ensure responsible scientific conduct and establish tools, practices and data for organizations to foster a positive work climate in science.

Free Legal Consultation: Students, postdocs and untenured faculty who are members of AGU and experiencing harassment, bullying, discrimination, retaliation or other misconduct (as defined in the AGU Scientific Integrity and Professional Ethics policy) can receive legal advice at no cost.

External to AGU: In addition, the National Science Foundation has developed a reporting strategy for filing a complaint against a current PI

DEI dashboard: recently released by AGU this tool will be used to track diversity statistics

DEI Workshops organized by AGU can be found here.

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Meet a Scientist!

Looking to connect with your peers outside of conferences? At AGU VGP, we are highlighting the diverse array of innovative scientists represented in our section on our social media platforms. Whether you are a student, early career scientist, professor or anybody in between, we would love to hear about you, your interests and the research you're conducting. If you'd like to be featured on our social media pages (i.e., Twitter, Instagram, Facebook), then please fill out this form! You are welcome to nominate somebody else, too, but you must obtain consent prior to doing so.

The goal of this initiative is to introduce the broader geoscience field to our section’s scientists and the pioneering research they conduct. It serves to foster diversity and inclusion in VGP by amplifying the stories and research of persons from all backgrounds. We thus encourage submissions and nominations from any and every VGP member!

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