Executive Committee

The Executive Committee conducts section business, sets policies, communicates by email, and meets at the Fall AGU meeting.

Michael Manga »
University of California, Berkeley

Dominique Weis »
President-Elect & Meetings Chair
University of British Columbia

Bill McDonough »
Past President & Nominations Chair
University of Maryland & Tohoku University

Christie Till »
Fall Meeting Chair 2020 (VP) and Secretary
Arizona State University

Matt Jackson »
Fall Meeting Chair 2019 (G) and Secretary
Arizona State University

Marie Edmonds »
Fall Meeting Chair 2018 (VP)
University of Cambridge

Marie Edmonds »
Past Secretary (VP)
University of Cambridge

Anat Shahar »
Past Secretary (G)
Geophysical Laboratory, CIW

Matt Barickman »
Student Representative
Washington University

Kara Brugman »
Student Representative
Arizona State University

Erik Klemetti »
Education and Outreach Chair
Denison University

Tyrone Rooney »
Student Awards Chair
Michigan State University

Bob Stern »
Fellows Chair
University of Texas, Dallas

Mark Kurz »
Union Awards Chair
Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

Nicholas Dauphas »
Macelwane Medal Chair
University of Chicago

Dante Canil »
Bowen Award Chair
University of Victoria

Mark Jellinek »
Kuno Award Chair
University of British Columbia

Emily Johnson »
VGP Representative to EOS
New Mexico State University

Joanna Denton »
VGP Newsletter Editor
Los Alamos National Laboratory

Janine Krippner »
VGP Webmaster
Smithsonian Global Volcanism Program