Student Travel Grants & Scholarships


AGU offers students a limited number of travel grants and scholarships to attend AGU meetings, and funds from the VGP section (supported by member donations) are often used to supplement these possibilities in order to enable more students affiliated with VGP to receive financial assistance. All student travel grants and scholarships are highly competitive and require a special application procedure, and eligibility and evaluation criteria vary depending on the type of award.

Eligibility and Participation

Deadlines and other relevant information are given on the web site for the meeting for which student travel grants and scholarships are offered. Please click here for general information about student travel grants and scholarships.

VGP Student Travel Grant Evaluation Team

Evaluation of applications for AGU Student Travel Grants and Scholarships is carried out by AGU, with reviewing assistance provided by teams from Sections. VGP recruits volunteers to help with the reviewing of applications for the Fall Meeting.