AGU Precipitation Student Award


Every year the AGU Precipitation Technical Committee selects students presenting at the AGU Fall Meeting (oral, poster or e-lightning presentations) for the AGU Precipitation Student Award. If you are a student and you are planning to present at the AGU Fall Meeting consider this opportunity.


Congratulations to the 2022 AGU Precipitation Student Award winners!

Our experts in the field attended 33 presentations (Oral, Poster, in-person and virtual) and enjoyed interacting with students and see how much great work and enthusiasm is out there. Whether you've been selected for this year's award or not, your work has been noticed. Keep up the hard work and keep in touch with us for seminars, networking and other cool activities.
Also remember, giving space and visibility to early career scientists is our number one priority. If you've just published a paper and want visibility on our website and social media, consider filling this form and we will advertise it for you.
Looking forward to see your great work next year at AGU 2023 in San Francisco!

Benjamin Goffin
- University of Virginia
Title: "Changes in Extreme Precipitation Patterns in the Meuse River Basin as a Driver of the July 2021 Flooding"

Julia Shates - University of Wisconsin
Title: "Multi-year Analysis of Rain-Snow Levels at Marquette, Michigan"

Manish Kumar Dhasmana - Indian Institute of Technology Bombay
Title: "Evaluation of CMIP6 Models for Extreme Precipitation over India"

Mochi Liao - Duke University
Title: "Physics-Guided AI Framework to Predict and Correct Radar QPE Errors"

Seung Uk Kim - University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign
Title: "Contribution of Wet Soil Moisture Conditions during Extreme Pluvial Flood Events in the Midwestern United States."


List of previous years award recipients:

2021 AGU Precipitation TC Student Award:

  • Keyhan Gavahi - The University of Alabama
Title: "A multi-dimensional pattern recognition approach using deep learning for precipitation data fusion"

  • Carolyn Lober - Brown University
Title: "Evaluating and Bias Correcting Daily Satellite Precipitation over the Peace-Athabasca Delta, Canada"

  • Victoria McDonald - University of Washington
Title: "An exploration of kinematic wind fields derived from Doppler velocity retrievals from airborne conically scanning radar observations of snowbands during IMPACTS 2020"

  • Alyssa Stansfield - Stony Brook University
Title: "Thermodynamic and Dynamic Contributions to Tropical Cyclone Precipitation Increases in Observations and Models"

  • Alka Tiwari - Pordue University
Title: "Characterizing the tropical cyclone rainfall using satellite, radar-blended and gauge-based precipitation products for hydrological studies"

2020 AGU Precipitation TC Student Award:

  • Randy Chase - University of Illinois
Title: "Global retrieved snowfall properties using a neural network and GPM-DPR"

  • Stefano Farris - University of Cagliari
Title: "Investigating trend detection capabilities on worldwide extreme rainfall occurrences"

  • Vesta Afzali Gorooh - University of California Irvine
Title: Data "Integration for Satellite Precipitation Estimation Using Deep Neural Networks"

  • Clara Hohmann - University of Graz
Title: "Sensitivity analysis of stream and river runoff to spatial rainfall variability using dense rain gauge observations"

  • Ruben Imhoff - Wageningen University
Title: "Opportunistic Rainfall Nowcasting with Commercial Microwave Link Data"