Students Subcommittee

Student Subcommittee


The AGU Hydrology Section Student Subcommittee (H3S) is a group of students and early career scientists who work together to provide opportunities and resources for professional development as well as social interaction and networking within the broader geosciences community. To learn more about H3S please visit our website and follow us on Twitter and Instagram


The committee is currently comprised of twenty-six students elected by members from the previous year through an online application process. Each member serves a minimum of two calendar years. Meetings are held once every month and are led by the committee chair. This member is the spokesperson for the committee and has veto/tiebreaker rights over group decisions. The committee chair-elect is the first substitute in the chair’s absence, and this person also assumes leadership as chair the following year. Applications for H3S open in late Fall for approximately one month and are open to all students and early career scientists.

H3S-related Activities

Cyber-seminars and Cyber-panels

H3S holds cyber-seminars throughout the year, often in collaboration with CUAHSI. Through these cyber-seminars, H3S hopes to provide guidance for students and early career hydrologists on a variety of topics including the job application process, the peer review process, data ethics, and professional relationships. 

In the coming year, we are looking to continue and expand these efforts. H3S is currently in the process of developing a five-part summer workshop on the academic job application process, as well as other cyber-seminars.

Networking Events

H3S holds networking events virtually throughout the year, as well as in person (if applicable) at AGU Fall Meetings. These events provide students and early career scientists the opportunity to meet, discuss research interests, and expand their professional network.

AGU Fall Meeting Events

Every year, H3S holds a variety of town halls/events/sessions at the AGU Fall Meeting. Past town halls covered topics including academic careers, non-academic careers, science communication, and building cross-disciplinary collaboration.

Website Meeting Resources

In 2020, H3S launched its website (, which houses a variety of relevant resources, databases, and research highlights. The website is growing rapidly, with new resources added monthly and new databases soon to be launched.

Previous Work

Pop-Up Sessions

Pop-Up Talks are exciting sessions organized by H3S to provide a platform for students and early-career scientists to share their vision for the future of the water sciences. During these sessions students, early-career scientists, and anyone interested would give a five-minute “pop-up” talk about how their research impacts society; their vision of the future of geosciences; or their experiences working with diversity initiatives, community engagement, etc.

Contact H3S


Send us an email to to stay updated with our events throughout the year and during the AGU Fall Meeting.