AGU 2024 Precipitation Sessions

Submit your PRECIPITATION Session Proposal

for the 2024 AGU Fall Meeting!

Submission Deadline: 24 April 2024 23:59 EDT

Proposals are sought for general scientific sessions, union sessions, innovations, town halls and scientific workshops.

Submission instructions vary by proposal type.

Once you select a proposal type, assign a title and a thematic area.

Provide an abstract describing what is covered, target users/researchers, and the expected style of presentations.

For sessions focusing on precipitation science: these sessions are jointly in the Hydrology and Atmospheric Sciences sections.

If the main focus of your session is precipitation, be sure to choose precipitation as your category for your proposed session to be included in the precipitation technical area.

AGU encourages Fall Meeting 2024 proposals that:

Include a diverse group

of conveners, session

chairs and cited authors

Relate to the #AGU24 theme of

What's Next for Science

Further AGU's Strategic

Plan and its goals

Are collaborative

The Climate Hazards Center Participates in AGU's 2018 Fall Meeting |  Climate Hazards Center - UC Santa Barbara

Here are the scientific sessions on precipitation from the 2023 AGU Fall Meeting to help you identify similar themes or find potential collaborators. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions (