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Oceanic Validation of IMERG-GMI Version 6 Precipitation Using the GPM

Precip Folks:
April 2024: Xinyue Liu

This month we feature Xinyue Liu. Ph.D. Candidate, National University of Singapore

AGU Precipitation Student Award winners will present their work

28 March 2024

1pm EDT - 17.00 UTC

GPM "10 in 10" Webinar Series

NASA’s Global Precipitation Measurement (GPM) mission is celebrating the ten-year anniversary! We invite all of you to join us as we share how this international constellation has improved life around the globe as well as enabled us to better understand our water cycle. Check out the dates for these free and informative webinars and put them on your calendar. Please share widely!

Membership application is now closed

Applications to become a member of the AGU Precipitation Technical Committee are now closed, we will open for new applications mid-December for the 2025 membership.