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The 14th International Precipitation Conference (IPC14) will take place on June 5-9, 2023, at the National Weather Center at the University of Oklahoma in Norman, Oklahoma. The theme of IPC14 is “Emerging directions in precipitation science and applications: going beyond” with emphasis on three main topics:

(1) Multi-source observations and modeling of precipitation

(2) Water cycle dynamics from regional to global scales

(3) Precipitation extremes and hydrological hazards including floods, droughts, and landslides.

The goal of this conference is to create a discussion platform for all scientists to define challenges and opportunities, and craft directions for future research in precipitation. More information can be found on the IPC14 website.

Please contact the IPC14 Organizing Committee at with any questions.


28 March 2023 -
10am EDT


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Evaluation of Satellite Precipitation Products in Simulating Streamflow in a Humid Tropical Catchment of India Using a Semi-Distributed Hydrological Model.