Groundwater Committee Purpose

The Groundwater Technical Committee is a planning group of groundwater professionals. The aim is to foster a collaborative exchange of ideas and promote the development of our understanding of groundwater processes.

The committee organizes session proposals and supports the planning efforts for the AGU Hydrology Section for topics related to groundwater research. Please contact the committee chair if you are interested in contributing to the committee or planning a session at the next meeting.

Groundwater Committee Description

The Groundwater Technical Committee encompasses fields within hydrology that deal with subsurface water, including physical, chemical, biological, and geological aspects. The science and its applications are diverse and include the quantity and quality of groundwater supply and its sustainability, maintenance of ecosystems, geologic processes such as heat flow, oil and gas production, and geochemical cycles. Groundwater is a vital, integral part of the hydrologic cycle and significantly affects water and solute dynamics in the terrestrial environment. We therefore take a holistic perspective to understand how groundwater interacts with surface waters, soils and the atmosphere to shape water and solute movement and fate in landscapes. The many connections between groundwater and other aspects of hydrologic and environmental systems promote interdisciplinary interactions with other AGU sections within Hydrology, including Ecohydrology, Hydrogeophysics, Water Quality, Surface Water, and Water and Society. The research methods deal with the special challenge of access to the subsurface and an always-incomplete knowledge of its properties. As such, we are closely linked to the Hydrologic Uncertainty Section. We also interact across AGU disciplines, with linkages to Biogeosciences, Global Environmental Change, Cryosphere, and Atmospheric Sciences.

Vital Open Questions in Groundwater

How can we improve the capability of groundwater flow and (reactive) transport models, including characterizing ubiquitous heterogeneity and quantifying uncertainty, moving beyond empirical to more mechanistic models, and taking advantage of computational advances?

What will be the impacts of climate change and human activities on groundwater into the future, including extreme events, sea-level rise, and considering frontier areas such as offshore and the arctic?

How can we synthesize processes across diverse spatial and temporal scales and through the groundwater-surface water continuum to understand large-scale groundwater systems and the role of groundwater in shaping and modulating water and solute fluxes from catchments?

AGU Fall Meeting - Session Proposals

Several sessions are proposed every year. The Hydrology Section Technical Committees assist with planning by organizing proposals for session topics to cover a broad range of topics and to avoid duplication.

Proposed Sessions for Planning of the 2021 AGU Fall Meeting Person who suggested the initial idea is listed.

This does not necessarily mean the person was volunteering to develop the session proposal.

  • Uncertainty quantification
  • Land subsidence
  • Drought resiliency and hydrogeophysics
  • Karst hydrology
  • Surface water/groundwater interactions
  • Radioactive waste disposal
  • Multiscale modeling Stable isotopes (novel analysis and modeling)
  • Groundwater management (machine learning applications)
  • Coastal hydrogeology and coupled human-hydrogeology
  • Contaminant remediation

Please contact the committee chair if you are interested in proposing a session. The deadline will be in April.

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The Committee

Name Institution E-mail
Pania Newell (Chair) University of Utah
Bo Guo (Deputy Chair) University of Arizona
Jenny Druhan (Past Chair) University of Illinois
Christine Hatch (Past Chair) University of Massachusetts, Amherst
Hang Deng Peking University
Holly Michael University of Delaware
Jesus Gomez-Velez Vanderbilt University
Kenneth (K.C.) Carroll New Mexico State University
Pin Shuai Utah State University
Jeremy Patterson Rice University
Calla Schmidt University of San Francisco
Adam S. Ward Indiana University
Jan Fleckenstein Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research (UFZ)
Kyle Compare (Student Member) Florida State University
Kristopher Kuhlman Sandia National Laboratory
Shujun Ye Nanjing University
Alexandre Tartakovsky University of Illinois
Dan Lu Oak Ridge National Laboratory
Lauren Somers Dalhousie University
Kevin Roche Boise State University
Olivia Miller U.S. Geological Survey, Utah Water Science Center
Bwalya Malama California Polytechnic State University San Luis Obispo
Zhilin Guo University of California, Davis
Tianyuan Zheng Ocean University of China


Committee Meeting Minutes

Committee Meeting Minutes from several prior meeting are posted below.

Committee Meeting Minutes from the 2016 meeting: MinutesGW-Tech2016.pdf

Technical sessions from the 2016 meeting: AGU-Hydrology-Groundwater_Sessions2016.pdf

Committee Meeting Minutes from the 2015 meeting: MinutesGW-Tech2015.pdf

Technical sessions from the 2015 meeting: AGU-Hydrology-Groundwater_Sessions2015.pdf

Committee Meeting Minutes from the 2014 meeting: MinutesGW-Tech2014.pdf

Technical sessions from the 2014 meeting: AGU-Hydrology-Groundwater_Sessions2014.pdf

Committee Meeting Minutes from the 2013 meeting: MinutesGW-Tech2013.pdf

Technical sessions from the 2013 meeting: AGU-Hydrology-Groundwater_Sessions2013.pdf

Committee Meeting Minutes from the 2012 meeting: AGU_GWTC_Fall2012_Report.pdf

Technical sessions from the 2012 meeting: AGU-Hydrology-Groundwater_Sessions2012.pdf

Committee Meeting Minutes from the 2011 meeting: MinutesGW-Tech2011-final.pdf

Technical sessions from the 2011 meeting: AGU-Hydrology-Groundwater_Sessions2011.pdf

Do you have ideas or comments for the Water Quality Technical Committee? Feel free to contact our chair, or our webmaster!