AGU Hydrology Section Standing, Technical & Advisory Committees

The Hydrology section has a very active group of technical and standing committees, which is where much of the planning for section activities takes place. The wide range of activities offered by the section is due in large part to the work of the many dedicated committee chairs and members. Technical committees initiate most of the section’s special sessions at AGU meetings. For information on the work of a committee, how to make suggestions for special sessions, or how to join a committee, contact the committee chair.

Executive Committee

Ana Barros

President: Ana Barros

Duke University
Dept. of Civil and Environmental Engineering
Durham, NC 27708
Email | Phone: +1 919 660-5539

John Selker

President-Elect: John Selker

Oregon State University
Crop and Soil Science Department
Corvalis, OR 97331
Email | Phone: +1 541 737 2082

Scott Tyer

Past-President: Scott Tyler

University of Nevada, Reno
Dept. of Geological Sciences and Engineering
Reno, NV 89557
Email | Phone: +1 775 784-6250

Shirley Papuga

Secretary: Shirley (Kurc) Papuga

Wayne State University
Department of Environmental Science & Geology
Detroit, MI 48201
Email | Phone: +1 303 332 7575

Georgia Destouni

Editor in Chief for Water Resources Research: Georgia Destouni

Stockholm University
Physical Geography

Stockholm, Sweden SE-106 91

Theresa Blume

Section Liason: Theresa Blume

GFZ- German Research Centre for Geosciences
Section of Hydrology
14473 Potsdam, Germany

 Email | Phone: +49 331 288-1512

Julia Guimond

Student Representative: Julia Guimond

Dalhousie University
Department of Civil and Resource Engineering
Halifax, NS, CA
Email | Phone: +1 603 285 3031

Hang Deng

Fall Meeting Program Chair: Hang Deng

Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
1 Cyclotron Road,  MS 74R316C
Berkeley, CA 94720
Email | Phone: +1510 486-4537

Julia Guimond

Hydrology Section Web Editor: Masih Eghdami

National Center for Atmospheric Research
Research Application Lab
Boulder, CO 80305

Technical Committees


Viviana Maggioni (Chair), George Mason University
Brenda Dolan (Deputy Chair), Colorado State University

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Water & Society

Joseph R. Kasprzyk (Chair), University of Colorado Boulder
Megan Konar (Deputy Chair), University of Illinois

Committee Members


Jenny Druhan (Chair), University of Illinois Urbana Champaign
Pania Newell (Deputy Chair), University of Utah
Christine Hatch (Committee Past Chair), U of Massachusetts-Amherst

Committee Members

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Unsaturated Zone

Joaquin Jimenez-Martinez (Chair), Swiss Federal Institute of Aquatic Science and Technology
Veronica Morales (Deputy Chair), University of California – Davis
Committee Members View Website


    Diego Riveros-Iregui (Chair), University of North Carolina
    Salli Dymond (Deputy Chair), University of Minnesota 

    Committee Members

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    Hydrologic Uncertainty

    Xingyuan Chen (Chair), Pacific Northwest National Laboratory
    Lucy Marshall (Deputy Chair), University of New South Wales

    Committee Members

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    Water Quality

    Matt Cohen (Chair), University of Florida
    Admin Husic (Deputy Chair),  University of Kansas
    Dipankar Dwivedi (Deputy Chair), Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

    Committee Members 

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    Large-Scale Field Experimentation

    Chad Higgins (Past Chair), Oregon State University


    Erasmus Oware (Chair), University of Buffalo
    Adam Mangel (Deputy Chair), PNNL

    Committee Members

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    Catchment Hydrology (formerly Surface Water)

    Nicholas Zegre (Chair), West Virginia University
    Genevieve Ali (Deputy Chair), University of Guelph
    Committee Members
    • Amanda Donaldson, UCSC
    • Antonio Meria, University of Arizona
    • Alicia Kinoshista, San Diego State University
    • Catalina Segura, Oregon State University
    • Charlie Luce, Forest Service
    • Christa Kelleher, Syracuse University
    • Christine Hatch, University of Massachusetts
    • Hilary McMillan, San Diego State University
    • Holly Barnard, University of Colorado Boulder
    • JP Gannon, Western Carolina University
    • Kelly Kibler, University of Central Florida
    • Kevin McGuire, Virginia Tech
    • Kevin Bladon, Oregon State University
    • Leila Saberi, University of Minnesota
    • Margaret Zimmer, University of California
    • Matthias Sprenger, University of Freiburg
    • Markus Hrachowitz, TU Delft
    • Paola Passalacqua, University of Texas Austin
    • Ilja van Meerveld, University of Zürich
    • Remko Uijlenhoet, University of Wageningen
    • Sarah Godsey, Idaho State University
    • Sidney Bush (Student Member),  University of Colorado Boulder
    • Sophan Patil, Bangor University
    • Theresa Blume, GFZ German Research Centre for Geosciences
    • Thom Bogaard, TU Delft

    Remote Sensing

    Bart Forman (Chair), University of Maryland
    Manuela Girotto (Deputy Chair), University of California at Berkeley
    Iva Mladenova (Deputy Chair), NASA/GSFC
    Mike Durand (Past Chair, 2018-2019), Ohio State University

    Committee Members

    Soil Systems & Critical Zone Processes

    Marc Kramer (Chair), Washington State University

    Committee Members

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    Standing Committees

    Hydrologic Sciences Award Committee

    (formerly the Horton Award)

    Horton Research Grant Committee

    (for Ph.D. Students)

    Paul Witherspoon Mid-Career Lecturer in Hydrologic Sciences Award Committee 

    Ad Hoc Committee on Nominations

    Fall Meeting Program Committee

      Ad-hoc Student Travel Grant Committee

      Hydrology Section Student/Early Career Committee

      Early Career Hydrologic Sciences Award Committee

      Fellows Committee

      Langbein Lecture Award Committee

      Outstanding Student Presentation Award Committee

      Frontiers in Hydrology 2022 Committee