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W. James Shuttleworth
Hydrometeorology Pioneer, Global Collaborator. 

After finishing a PhD in high energy nuclear physics at the University of Manchester in 1971, Jim joined the Institute of Hydrology (IH) in Wallingford (now the UK Centre for Ecology and Hydrology) at a time when the Institute was expanding rapidly in process hydrological research under the leadership of Jim McCulloch. He first wrote a series of papers in Boundary-Layer Meteorology (1975-1979) that remain fundamental in our understanding of evaporation. One of his further insights was that expressions for potential evaporation such as the Priestley Taylor equation could not be used directly for estimating forest evaporation, as the difference between transpiration and evaporation from a wet canopy (interception) called for a separate description. An important spin-off from this early work was the development of a sparse crop evaporation model that included the effects of an interacting bare soil with the environment surrounding the leaves of the plants.

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