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Congratulations to the 2020 Hydrology Section Awardees


On behalf of all of us in the Hydrology Section, our warmest congratulations to our Hydrology Section Award winners who are being announced today:

Hydrologic Sciences Award: Jay Famiglietti, University of Saskatchewan

Langbein Lecture Award: Rafael Bras, Georgia Tech University

Witherspoon Lecture Award: Giuliano Di Baldassarre, Uppsala University

Early Career AwardsSimone Fatichi, National University of Singapore; Veronica Morales University of California, Davis; Niko Wanders, Utrecht University

Horton Research Grant Awards: Molly Cain, Indiana University; Quincy Faber, University of Florida; Hyunglok Kim, University of Virginia

You will be hearing more from all of them in the coming months, including a November webinar series highlighting our Early Career Awardees. And note that Union Awards and Fellows will be announced later in October.

And to all of the nominators and nominees who were not chosen this year, please consider nominating next year, as our awards committees recognized that there were many more deserving nominations than could be awarded!

Scott W. Tyler
President, Hydrology Section