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Hydrology Section’s Fall 2019 Newsletter


Dear Hydrology Section Members,

It is my pleasure to announce the publication of the Hydrology Section’s Fall 2019 Newsletter.  The newsletter highlights your Section’s activities over the past year including updates on the proposed Biennial Hydrologic Sciences Meeting to be cosponsored by AGU and CUAHSI in 2022!  The proposal for the meeting has passed the AGU Board of Directors, and it is now time to start organizing.  You can read a summary of the Meeting’s Task Force and its recommendations in the Newsletter as well.

The Newsletter also provides an update on our review of Water Resources Research publishing models and a great recruiting story from former NSF Hydrologic Sciences Program Manager Holly Barnard on the joys and challenges of serving your community as an NSF rotator.

And finally, the newsletter celebrates many of our Section, OSPA and Union Award winners for 2019 with a series of inspiring stories that span, as I count, just north of 300 YEARS of contributions to hydrologic research! The stories demonstrate the diversity of paths that can be taken, all of which have led to fundamental breakthroughs in hydrology.  I know that you are all swamped as we get close to the Fall Meeting, but I urge you to take the time, perhaps on the flight to the Fall Meeting, or as you start your journey home for holidays to read these stories of hard work and love of science!

As you read the newsletter, you will see that it has grown in size, because we have a lot to say!! Antonio Meira, our Newsletter Editor did a wonderful job in putting this issue together and we would welcome your ideas on the evolution of the Newsletter to perhaps something bigger for the future.  The stories and histories are treasures; we have many new ways for communication, and we would like to hear from you with ideas over the next year. Note that you can also access the newsletter, and all of our past newsletters on the new Hydrology Section Website at

I am looking forward to seeing all of you in San Francisco, and at our Section’s events throughout the week!!


Scott W. Tyler

Hydrology Section President

University of Nevada, Reno


Antonio Meira

Hydrology Section Newsletter Editor

Federal University of Espirito Santo