Remote Online Sessions for Emerging Seismologists (ROSES)

ROSES 2020:
Course Information and Materials

Course Description and Modality

The 2020 offering of ROSES was a synchronous and fully online course, offered starting 11 June 2020. Each week had a single course session containing a live, hour-long lecture component, where a field expert presented a lecture or information about an important aspect of seismology. This was followed by an hour-long lab session where the principles of the lecture were demonstrated using interactive Jupyter. notebooks. Breakout rooms allowed course participants to tackle problems designed to practice the aforementioned principles and gain experience coding, and also allowed the course cohort to get to know each other and make connections. ROSES 2020 also took advantage of a Slack channel to build community across a geographically diverse student cohort. The Slack channel proved to be particularly active and was a source of numerous discussions exploring research, coding, and broader seismology practices.

Course Lectures and Syllabus

Unit 1- 6/25 (Th) ObsPy (Click Here for Lecture) — Sydney Dybing, U. of Oregon

Unit 2- 7/2 (Th) Data and Metadata (Click Here for Lecture) — Emily Wolin, USGS

Unit 3- 7/9 (Th) Time Series Analysis (Click Here for Lecture) — German Prieto, U. Nacional de Colombia

Unit 4- 7/14 (T) Waveform Cross Correlation (Click Here for Lecture) — Elizabeth Berg, U. of Utah

Unit 5- 7/21 (T) Array Seismology/Network Analysis (Click Here for Lecture) — Stephen Arrowsmith, S. Methodist U.

Unit 6- 7/28 (T) Polarization Analysis (Click Here for Lecture) — Tolulope Olugboji, U. of Rochester

Unit 7- 8/4 (T) Machine Learning (Click Here for Lecture) — Zachary Ross, CalTech

Unit 8- 8/11 (T) PyGMT (Click Here for Lecture) — Liam Toney, U. of Alaska Fairbanks

Unit 9- 8/18 (T) Inversion, Bayesian (Click Here for Lecture) — Steve Myers, L. Livermore National Lab

Unit 10- 8/25 (T) Inversion, kriging (Click Here for Lecture) — Tony Lowry, Utah State U.

Unit 11- 9/1 (T) Inversion, gridding (and/or tomography) (Click Here for Lecture) — Suzan van der Lee, Northwestern U.

Course Materials


A publication describing the 2020 course offering of ROSES is published at Seismological Research Letters. Click here to view it.

In addition to formally outlining the course and its rationale, the publication outlines the pedagogical lessons learned from the exit survey and participants' experiences. The paper also provides detailed statistics and figures describing the participants' demographics and participation statistics.
Figure 5a) from Dugick et al., 2021, showing the geographical distribution of ROSES participants