Seismology Section Representatives to the 2018 Fall Meeting Program Committee

These representatives meet with Program Committee members from all sections to schedule the Fall Meeting science sessions.
  • Linda Warren, Caroline Beghein

2018 Seismology Section Fellows Committee

This committee recommends nominations for AGU Fellow to the Union Fellows Committee; the Union committee makes the final selections.

  • Sue Hough (chair),
  • Miaki Iishi,
  • Satish Singh,
  • Mike Kendall,
  • Anne Sheehan,
  • Kenji Satake,
  • Wang-Ping Chen

2018 Committee for the Keiiti Aki Young Scientist Award

This committee selects the recipient of the Aki Award.

  • Victor Tsai (chair),
  • Eliza Richardson,
  • Vera Schulte-Pelkum,
  • Brandon Schmandt,
  • Samantha Hansen,
  • Hrvoje Tkalcic

2018 Committee for the Paul G. Silver Award for Outstanding Scientific Service

This committee selects the recipient of the Silver Award, and is made up of section officers from the Seismology, Tectonophysics and Geodesy sections.

  • Doug Wiens,
  • Anne Sheehan

2018 Committee for the Gutenberg Lecture

This committee selects the Gutenberg Lecturer for the Fall Meeting.

  • Emily Brodsky (chair),
  • Cliff Thurber,
  • Doug Wiens,
  • Mike Ritzwoller,
  • Shuichi Kodaira,
  • Heather DeShon

2018 Seismology Honors Canvassing Committee

This committee encourages nominations of outstanding members of the Seismology Section for AGU awards at the Union and Section Level.  They take a comprehensive look at potential nominees across the Section, including international members, women, and other underrepresented groups.

  • Bill Ellsworth (chair),
  • Joan Gomberg,
  • Susan Beck,
  • Rainer Kind,
  • Jeffrey Park

2018 Section Officers Nomination Committee

  • Maureen Long (Chair),
  • Anne Sheehan,
  • Eliza Richardson,
  • Dylan Mikesell