Keiiti Aki Early Career Award

Established in 2008, the Keiiti Aki Early Career Award annually recognizes the outstanding scientific accomplishments of an early-career scientist in the field of seismology. The award is for recent graduates with a Ph.D. degree awarded in the six year period prior to 1 January of the year of the award presentation.

Aki Award Recipients

2024 Nominations

Submit Nomination

Nominations should include:

  • A nomination letter;
  • The candidate’s curriculum vitae;
  • Copies of published or in-press manuscripts that illustrate the candidate’s quality of work; and
  • Up to three letters of recommendation.

The nomination and supporting letters should describe the quality, originality, and importance of their research contributions.

2023 Aki Award Committee:

Gavin Hayes (Chair) U.S. Geological Survey 
Florent Brenguier Université Grenoble Alpes
Fiona Darbyshire Université du Québec à Montréal
Elizabeth Cochran U.S. Geological Survey
Zongwen Zhan California Institute of Technology 
Ying Zhou Virginia Tech

The committee is aware of their charge and key duties.

The Aki Award Certificate will be presented at the AGU Fall Meeting when we are gathered for the Gutenberg Lecture.

*Parental Leave: If provided by the nominee’s institution and taken by the nominee during this six-year period, parental leave can extend the eligibility period.