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September 2018

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Congratulations to the 2018 AGU Union Honorees from the Seismology Community

  • Yoshio Fukao: Inge Lehmann Medal
  • Giuliano Panza: International Award
  • Lingling Ye: Keiiti Aki Young Scientist Award
  • Harold Tobin: Paul G. Silver Award for Outstanding Scientific Service
  • Bill Ellsworth: Beno Gutenberg Lecturer

Congratulations to the 2018 Union Fellows affiliated with Seismology

These include Donna Eberhart-Phillips, Simon Klemperer, Philippe Lognonné, Cesar Ranero, and Nikolai Shapiro. A special thanks to all of you in the community who came through with excellent nominations for the awardees and Fellows. This is an important task in strengthening our research community. Please start thinking about who you should nominate next year.

AGU Fall Meeting Events

Here are several highlights of the upcoming Fall Meeting that we hope you can put into your meeting plans.

  • Seismology & Tectonophysics Sections Joint Business Meeting & Luncheon Tuesday, 11 December, 12:30–1:30 PM As we did last year, we have scheduled a luncheon at which we will honor the medalists, award winners, special lecturers, and new AGU Fellows. Dr. Marcia McNutt, a solid Earth geophysicist and president of the National Academy of Sciences, will give a short presentation. Ticket prices are $20 for members and $10 for student members. Seats are limited, so purchase your tickets soon (they can be purchased when registering for Fall Meeting).
  • Seismology & Geodesy Sections Joint Early Career/Student Networking Luncheon Thursday, 13 December, 12:30–1:40 PM If you are an early-career scientist, we invite you to participate in an Early Career Networking Event at Fall Meeting 2018. Join your fellow early-career peers and learn from senior scientists from a range of fields and sectors. The senior scientists will provide a short introduction and then meet with the tables to answer your questions about career and work/life balance and help you to gain perspective. Lunch will be provided. More details about how to sign up will be forthcoming. This event is being hosted by the Seismology and Geodesy sections with support from IRIS and UNAVCO.
  • Seismology Section Student Mixer Thursday, 14 December, 6:30 – 8:00 PM Seismology section students: Want to catch up with friends in your field and maybe even make some new ones? Come join other seismology students on Thursday evening for some free drinks and food at Penn Social. Check the Seismology section website, Facebook, or the November section newsletter later for details on the time and place. The student mixer last year was a big hit—we hope to see everyone again this year!

Changes in the Aki Young Scientist Award

After some discussions with the selection committees from the past few years, and after surveying other early-career awards in other sections, we have implemented some changes to the Aki award, to be effective 1 January 2019. The name of the award will be changed to Keiiti Aki Early Career Award, to recognize that some seismologists obtain their Ph.D. degree later in life, and to be consistent with similar awards in other sections. We are also changing the limit on eligibility, which will extend to 6 years since receiving the Ph.D. rather than the 3 years since receiving the Ph.D. previously. This will allow a longer period of eligibility for each candidate and will also permit a longer record of research accomplishments to be evaluated for the award.

AGU Officially Launches Its Centennial Celebration

AGU launched its Centennial and corresponding Centennial website, designed to be the go-to destination for all information about Centennial events and activities. To coincide with the launch, AGU introduced the public outreach campaign series “100 Facts and Figures” to highlight aspects of Earth and space science. The campaign calls attention to some of the most meaningful, interesting, and relevant Earth and space science facts and figures from the past 100 years. You can be part of the Centennial and join the conversation by suggesting an Earth and space science fact to be considered in the campaign. Please see the Centennial website for Centennial activities at Fall Meeting 2018.

Planning for JpGU 2019 Is Under Way

Session proposals for JpGU 2019 are now being accepted. Joint sessions are being planned with partner unions AGU, EGU, and AOGS. The joint sessions should be of interest to a broad international audience. Interested conveners are encouraged to submit session proposals for the 2019 joint sessions by 12 October, 5:00 PM JST.

New Seismology Section Student Representatives

This year we decided to expand the number of section student representatives, to obtain a better cross section of students in the section and improve feedback on student activities. After taking expressions of interest from volunteers and interviewing candidates by phone, we selected Neala Creasy (Yale University), Fransiska Dannemann (Southern Methodist University and Los Alamos National Laboratory), and Yuchen Wang (University of Tokyo) as student representatives. They have worked on the section web page and provided advice on Fall Meeting early-career activities and will attend the section Executive Committee Meeting at Fall Meeting.

Support the AGU Seismology Section

The AGU Seismology section relies on member contributions to fund such activities as Student Travel Grants, Fall Meeting events, and other section programs. No contribution is too small; please consider donating today by visiting the AGU donations site and clicking on Seismology Section Fund. Individual donors who donate more than $50 will help the Seismology section take advantage of the AGU Section Incentive Program, which enhances primary member donations by giving an additional $1,000–$5,000 to section funds, depending on participation rate!

Best regards,

Doug Wiens, President

Anne Sheehan, President-elect

Eliza Richardson, Secretary

Greg Beroza, Past President

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