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September 2017

  1. Congratulations to the 2017 AGU medalists and honorees from the Seismology community:
    1. Don Forsyth, Maurice Ewing Medal
    2. Tom Jordan, William Bowie Medal
    3. Brian Kennett, Inge Lehmann Medal
    4. Robert Wesson, Edward A. Flinn III Award
    5. Lucia Gualtieri, Keiiti Aki Young Scientist Award
    6. David Mainprice, Paul G. Silver Award for Outstanding Scientific Service
    7. Shuichi Kodaira, Beno Gutenberg Lecturer
  2. Congratulations to the 2017 class of AGU Fellows with Seismology connections. They include Wang-Ping Chen, Arthur Frankel, George Helffrich, Steven Roecker, and Ares Rosakis.
    A special thanks to all of you in the community who came through with excellent nominations for the awardees and Fellows. This is an important task in strengthening our research community. Please start thinking about who you should nominate next year.
  3. AGU Fall Meeting Events
    Here we highlight a few events that are new or have changed from recent years due to the location of the meeting in New Orleans. We will provide a complete list of Seismology section events in the November newsletter.
    Joint Seismology–Tectonophysics Luncheon on Tuesday, 12 December, 12:30–1:30.
    AGU has scheduled a special Convention Center Mardi Gras World reception for Tuesday evening, which is the normal time slot for the joint reception. Because many of you will want to attend the Mardi Gras reception, we worked with Tectonophysics leadership to plan a joint luncheon, where we will introduce and honor the medalists, award winners, special lecturers, and new AGU Fellows. More details on the program will be given in the November newsletter. Ticket prices are $20 for members and $10 for student members. Seats are limited, so purchase your tickets soon.
    Seismology–Geodesy Early-Career Networking Event and Luncheon on Wednesday, 13 December
    If you are an early-career scientist, we invite you to participate in an Early-Career Networking Event at the AGU Fall Meeting. Join your fellow early-career peers and learn from senior scientists from a range of fields and sectors. The senior scientists will provide a short introduction and then meet with the tables to answer your questions about career and work–life balance and help you to gain perspective. More details about how to sign up will be forthcoming. The event is sponsored by the AGU Seismology and Geodesy sections and the EarthScope science program, along with IRIS and UNAVCO.
  4. Important Fall Meeting Deadlines
    1. 30 October: Deadline for students to sign on to the Outstanding Student Presentation Award portal to confirm participation in the program. Portal opens 16 October.
    2. 3 November: Deadline to save $100 on Fall Meeting Registration
    3. 15 November: AGU Fall Meeting Housing deadline
  5. Announcements
    2018 JpGU Planning Is Under Way
    JpGU call for session proposals for 2018 are now being accepted! AGU’s section and focus group leaders and JpGU section presidents will lead the development of the 2018 joint session proposals, with a goal of 50 cosponsored sessions for the 2018 meeting. The joint sessions should be of interest to a broad international audience. Interested conveners are encouraged to submit session proposals for the 2018 joint sessions by 12 October, 5:00 p.m. Japan standard time.
  6. Seismology Section Student Representative
    Celia Eddy has done an outstanding job as the student representative for the Seismology section. Thank you, Celia! Because Celia is finishing up her Ph.D., we are now looking for a new Ph.D. student in seismology to serve as our student representative starting in 2018. This position involves being a voice for student interests and concerns within the section, helping to organize student events, and meeting with section officers at the Fall Meeting. If you are a third- or fourth-year graduate student and would like to take on this job, please send Doug Wiens and Anne Sheehan a short email describing your interest in the position, as well as your research area and Ph.D. advisor.

Best regards,

Doug Wiens, President

Anne Sheehan, President-elect

Eliza Richardson, Secretary

Greg Beroza, Past President

Celia Eddy, Student Representative

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