October 2023

AGU Seismology Section News (October 2023)

Table of Contents:
(0) Introduction
(1) Thanks to Sponsors
(2) Honors and Volunteers
(3) Changes to Honors Program for 2024
(4) Volunteer positions available for 2024
(5) #AGU23: Early Bird Registration Deadline 2 November!
(6) Students: OSPA
(7) Students: New Seismology Discussion Site, Discord!
(8) Student Activities at #AGU23
(9) Open Science Photo Contest (chance to win free registration to AGU24!)
(0) Introduction
  • We hope you enjoyed your summer or winter, wherever you are! Abstracts for the #AGU23 meeting have been approved and the programme is ready! You can register for the Early Bird Registration fees before 2 November. This year we’ll be back in San Francisco in the newly renovated Moscone Center. And we thank both Kinemetrics and Nanometrics for donating to the Seismology section this year, which has allowed us to grant three additional student scholarships for Seismologists this year.
There are some important changes to the AGU23 meeting this year.
  • If you have already registered but want to sign up for more activities, there’s still time! You can use your registration confirmation code to access the registration platform and make additions for both paid and $0 ticketed events.
  • Workshops and several other events have been added to the platform.
  • Section business meeting and receptions are FREE this year (AGU covering costs). Registration is required, for numbers, and you can sign up for more than one. We hope to see you there.
  • Our student and early career representatives have organized exciting new format events at AGU, so please come and sign up for them! See more below in Section (8).
  • AGU continues to work to improve the hybrid programme. The oral programme remains nearly the same as last year. In-person poster sessions are also as usual. But online posters have changed: They will be available for viewing during the meeting, but their discussion sections will be in January.
  • When you submit your abstract and get ready to register, consider donating to AGU—see below in (1).
(1) Thanks to our Sponsors
  • Both Kinemetrics and Nanometrics have donated to the Seismology section this year! That has allowed us to grant three additional student scholarships for Seismologists this year, and to support the Student and Early Career activities (see section (4) below).
  • Your company can also help students! Email Martha Savage for more info.
  • You too can help the students! If 5% or more of the Seismology section members each donate $50 or more, AGU will give an additional $1000 to the section for student activities to use for next year’s AGU. Donate here.
(2) Honors and Volunteers

Thanks to everybody who volunteered for AGU’s Seismology section. We specifically thank those who helped to determine the Seismology #AGU23 travel grant award winners: Suzan van der Lee, Shihao Yuan, Heather Ford and Jiaqi Li.

Thanks to those who represented our section on #AGU23 Program Committee this year: Wenyuan Fan and Heather Ford. If you are interested in joining the Program Committee next year, please contact president  Martha Savage.

We are really pleased to celebrate the 2023 AGU honor recipients. We will also celebrate them at the Seismology and Tectonophysics gathering and reception at the #AGU23 meeting

Seismology Section Awards:
  • Lucy Jones is giving the Beno Gutenberg Lecture at #AGU23. (Tuesday 12 December. 16:00-17:30 201-202 South (Level 2, South, Moscone Center)
  • Valère Lambert is receiving the Keiiti Aki Early Career Award.
In Seismology, Tectonophysics, and Geodesy:
  • Susan Beck received the Paul G. Silver Award for Outstanding Scientific Service.
New AGU Union Fellows with a Seismology affiliation:
  • Fenglin Niu
  • Demian Saffer
  • Shemin Ge
Union Medals, Awards and Prizes for people with a Seismology affiliation:
  • John Taber (of IRIS) is receiving the Excellence in Earth and Space Science Education Award.
  • Karen Fischer is receiving the Inge Lehmann Medal.
  • Alice-Agnes Gabriel is receiving a James B. Macelwane Early Career Medal.
Jerome Paros Scholarship for Graduate Students studying instrumentation in Atmospheric Sciences, Ocean Sciences or Seismology:
  • Daniel Binder
  • Abhijith Raj
  • Thomas Lee
3) Changes to the Honors Program for 2024

Significant changes have been made to the Union Medals, Awards and Prizes Program for 2024, in the way that awardees are found, selected and celebrated, with the goal to align the Union Honors with AGU’s strategic goals and values. The redesign also simplifies the nomination process so we are hoping more people will find the time to nominate.

The full information can be found here.

The major changes are that there is now a standardized rubric for Honors, self-nominations are now allowed and the review process has changed to a two-step nomination and review process.
4) Volunteer Positions Available for 2024

We will be looking for help on several committees in 2024, and we hope to talk to interested people at #AGU23. Please let Martha or Rachel know if you are interested in any of the following positions (see our email addresses below):
  • Seismology Fellows Committee
  • Keiiti Aki Early Career Scientist Award Committee
  • Honors Canvassing Committee
  • Gutenberg Lecture Committee
  • Seismology Leadership Nomination Committee
  • AGU24 Program Committee
  • Paros Scholarship Committee
  • Committee for reviewing AGU24 scholarships
  • Sponsorship Working Group
  • OSPA (judging) committee
5) #AGU2023 meeting from 11-15 December in San Francisco and online everywhere! Early Bird Registration Deadline 2 November!

The AGU23 meeting is scheduled to take place in San Francisco and virtually, spanning from 11-15 December 2023.

Starting from 22 August 2023, registration can be made via the AGU website with the early bird deadline set for 2 November. Variable registration rates are in place, and a one-day registration rate is available for both members and non-members who wish to present their abstract virtually. Additionally, the rates for in-person accommodations have been posted on the AGU website.

Both in-person and remote attendees can continue the journey online with additional content in January 2024. These online-only sessions will occur in January 2024 and presenters will create digital posters to display in the online poster gallery and present during the live sessions. Presenters will give brief overview talks followed by general discussion. Sessions will be recorded and available for on-demand viewing.
(6) 2023 Outstanding Student Presentation Award (OSPA)

This year we would like to encourage everybody, the students, early career, and established members to become an active participant of the 
Outstanding Student Presentation Awards. Students will get the opportunity to interact with experienced scientists who will provide feedback on both their research and their presentation skills.

The participation of the seismology community is key to the success of the OSPA program, as three judges per presentation are needed. But above all, your participation is key to helping our younger members.

Judge sign-up will begin soon, please keep an eye out for the announcement. The OSPA Seismology committee will likely contact you in the near future as the program has now been released.
(7) New Student Seismology Discussion Site, Discord! 

The student representatives for the Seismology Section executives of AGU are proud to present the launch of our new Discord!

In case you don't know what Discord is or need help installing, here is a helpful video or refer to this guide to get started.

We chose discord since its platform allows for a quicker way in conversing and connecting with our community. As well as being able to uniquely tailor the platform according to our community's needs! This will be especially helpful once AGU23 begins; you'll be able to discuss schedules, events and ask questions or advice in real time.

We'll also be using the Discord for other things non-AGU related, such as papers being published in the seismo community, funding/career opportunities, and more.

Use this link to access the server once you've made your account!
8) Introducing AGU 2023: Uniting Geophysics Professionals and Students for a Vibrant Experience!

Join us at this year's AGU23 conference, where we're thrilled to announce two exciting events designed to bring early career professionals, students and seismic experts together in a dynamic setting: the Seismology Student and Early Career Mixer and the AGU23 Earth & Planetary Trivia Night. Register when you register for the meeting. Or if you want to add it after your registration is complete, you can use your confirmation code to access the registration platform and make additions for both paid and $0 ticketed events.
9) Win a Free Registration to AGU24!

Enter the AGU23 Photo Contest for a chance to win a free registration to AGU24. Participants should share a social media post with #AGUOpenScience and submit their contest entry form by 6 November. View the complete contest rules on the website.
Best regards,

Martha Savage
      AGU Seismology Section President, martha.savage@vuw.ac.nz
Rachel Abercrombie
      AGU Seismology Section President-elect, rea@bu.edu
Suzan van der Lee
      AGU Seismology Section Past President, suzan@northwestern.edu
German Prieto
      AGU Seismology Section Secretary, gaprietogo@unal.edu.co
Wenyuan Fan, Heather Ford
      AGU23 Program Committee, wenyuanfan@ucsd.edu, heatherf@ucr.edu
Shihao Yuan
      Early-Career Member and Communications Specialist, syuan@mines.edu
Vivian Rosas, Taylor Kyryliuk, Jing Ci Neo
      Student Members of Seismology Section Executive Committee, vrosas@nevada.unr.edu, ttrac015@uottawa.ca, neoj@umich.edu
Twitter:  @AGUSeismology
Slack: AGUSeismology
Website and Discussion Communities:  https://seismology.agu.org
YouTube Channel:  AGU Seismology
Discord: https://discord.gg/4vpCSNbE2K