July 2023

AGU Seismology Section News (July 2023)

(0) Introduction

We hope you are all enjoying the summer or winter, wherever you are! This newsletter is to remind you all that the special sessions for the #AGU23 meeting have been approved and are ready to accept abstracts! This year we’ll be back in San Francisco to try out the newly renovated Moscone Center. The term “Fall” has been dropped in reference to our international colleagues, such as myself, when 1 December is considered the start of summer. Abstract submissions have opened:submit an abstract here. Don’t forget the Abstract deadline of 2 August, discussed below in section (2).

There are some important changes to AGU23 this year.
  • We will now no longer be selling tickets to the section business meeting and reception, although registration is still required. It will be FREE because AGU will cover the costs. Registration is required so that they know how many will be there.
  • Our student and early career representatives have some great ideas for events at AGU, so please come and sign up for them! See more below in Section (3).
  • AGU continues to work to improve the hybrid program. The oral program remains nearly the same as last year. In-person poster sessions are also as usual. But online posters sessions will be available for viewing during the meeting, but their discussion sections will be in January.
We have some more information about AGU journals below.

Lastly, we tip our hats in gratitude to those of you who donated to the Seismology section of AGU. Your donations are providing opportunities to enhance the depth and breadth of research for any and all seismologists.

And when you submit your abstract and get ready to register, consider donating to AGU. If 5% or more of the Seismology section members each donate more than $50, AGU will give an additional $1000 to the section for student activities to use for next year’s AGU?

(1) 2022 & 2023 Outstanding Student Presentation Award Winners (OSPA)

Just after the last newsletter went in, the OSPA award winners for the 2022 AGU meeting were announced. We’d like to shout out their names from the rooftops: Hilary Chang, Arthur Cuvier, Jiaqi Fang, Eldert Fokker, Yichen Geng, Jonas Karl Hans Igel, Thomas Andrew Lee, Yara Rossi, Liam Toney, Sheng Wang and Deborah Wehner. Congratulations to all. 

And we’d like to thank once again the 87 seismologists who judged 92 student presentations in the 2022 program. This year, we are again reaching out for volunteers to continue recognizing the work, effort and quality of our students and provide a way for the students to have a positive interaction with the seismology community. The OSPA program needs all of us. Keep an eye for the announcement to sign up to judge presentations this #AGU23.

And don’t forget to sign up to participate in this year’s program, whether you are a student looking for feedback or another seismologist hoping to help the next generation and to find out the most recent new ideas. Students: It will give you an incentive to be extra creative and clear about your work in your poster or talk, and you can get helpful feedback from experts in your field as a byproduct. And who knows, you may even win a prize!

(2) #AGU23 meeting from 11-15 December in San Francisco and online everywhere! Call for abstracts!

AGU23 is scheduled to take place in San Francisco and virtually, spanning from 11-15 December 2023. Abstract submissions are currently being accepted until 2 August. We encourage abstract submissions to the Seismology Section, which offers 35 unique sessions and co-organizes four additional ones, encompassing a vast array of topics. Up to two contributed abstracts (i.e., non-invited abstracts) can be submitted by first authors, provided that the second abstract is submitted to a session led by a different section than the first abstract. The submission guidelines can be found on the AGU website. The scientific program is planned to be unveiled on 3 October, coinciding with the distribution of abstract notification emails.

Starting from 22 August 2023, registration can be made via the AGU website, with the early bird deadline set for 2 November. Variable registration rates are in place, and a one-day registration rate is available for both members and non-members who wish to present their abstract virtually. Additionally, the rates for in-person accommodations have been posted on the AGU website.

(3) Introducing AGU 2023: Uniting Geophysics Professionals and Students for a Vibrant Experience!

Join us at this year's AGU conference, where we're thrilled to announce two exciting events designed to bring early career professionals, students, and seismic experts together in a dynamic setting: the Seismology Student and Early Career Mixer and the AGU FM Earth & Planetary Trivia Night.

(4) Seismology Student and Early Career Mixer

Step into a realm of collaboration and opportunity as we present the Seismology Student and Early Career Mixer. This casual event will serve as a nexus for budding professionals and aspiring students in the field of seismology, offering a unique platform to establish meaningful relationships all while engaging in icebreaker games that break down barriers and spark conversations. Whether you're seeking mentorship, discussing groundbreaking research, or simply engaging in stimulating conversations, this event is your gateway to a vibrant geophysics community.

(5) AGU FM Earth & Planetary Trivia Night

Get ready to put your knowledge to the test in our AGU FM Earth & Planetary Trivia Night, a fun-filled evening that transcends disciplinary boundaries. As geophysics often intersects with various realms, this interactive event promises a fusion of competitiveness and networking. Gather your friends, colleagues, or newfound acquaintances for an unforgettable night of friendly competition, while showcasing your expertise in a range of captivating trivia questions spanning from seismology to planetary science and beyond! 

With these captivating events on the agenda, we invite you to join us, make sure to sign up when registering for the conference for a great AGU experience and hope to see you there!

(6) Donations

Speaking of student activities, we’d like to thank Kinemetrics for donating to our section this year to help us to fund student activities and scholarships to attend the AGU meeting.

Donations can be made here.

(7) Note about AGU Journals

  1.  ALL AGU journals are free to ALL AGU members from time of initial publication

  2. After a 6 month delay, all AGU authors of ALL AGU journals can post the final formatted reprints to repositories and their own web sites. Read the AGU Publication Policies here.

  3. AGU is taking a lead in trying to transition to more open data/open science. In the short term, this may cause frustrations during journal submissions. We apologize for the frustrations, but we hope that you agree that the long term goal is worth it.

(8) AGU's Ethical Framework for Climate Intervention

AGU welcomes public comment on the preliminary draft of the Ethical Framework for Climate Intervention Research, Experimentation and Deployment—a code of conduct to guide climate intervention measures, such as carbon dioxide removal and solar radiation modification, that may be needed in addition to emissions reduction. These principles are designed to help guide researchers, organizations and governments engaged in climate intervention research or policy. Review and share your comments by Tuesday, 15 August.

Best regards,

Martha Savage
      AGU Seismology Section President, martha.savage@vuw.ac.nz
Rachel Abercrombie
      AGU Seismology Section President-elect, rea@bu.edu
Suzan van der Lee
      AGU Seismology Section Past President, suzan@northwestern.edu
German Prieto
      AGU Seismology Section Secretary, gaprietogo@unal.edu.co
Wenyuan Fan, Heather Ford
      Fall Meeting Program Committee, wenyuanfan@ucsd.edu, heatherf@ucr.edu
Shihao Yuan
      Early-Career Member and Communications Specialist, syuan@mines.edu
Vivian Rosas, Taylor Kyryliuk, Jing Ci Neo
      Student Members of Seismology Section Executive Committee, vrosas@nevada.unr.edu, ttrac015@uottawa.ca, neoj@umich.edu