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PESSER ventures into Japanese-English collaborative spaces with Vol. 2, Issue 4!

By Stacie Bender posted 09-06-2021 17:46

The September 2021 issue of PESSER (Vol. 2, Issue 4) is contributed by a Japanese team of authors, Ryota Yamaura (4th-year undergraduate student) and Hidenori Nakamura (Associate Professor). This issue is the first PESSER where the original version is in the authors' first language of Japanese, with an English version also provided by the authors and the Education Section's Communications Team. In this issue, the authors share their thoughts on how the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) may broaden STEM students' perspectives, support a sense of ownership in processes within and beyond formal education, and encourage mindsets for innovation. The authors also share an overview of how contemporary environmental education must be adaptable in order to address unsustainable aspects of modern society.