K-12 Education Working Group

Welcome to the K-12 Education Working Group!

The K-12 Working Group serves the pre-college educational community in the AGU Education Section, including those who teach in K-12 settings, and anyone interested in formal or informal K-12 education.

As a new working group, our current goals are:

  1. Identify the needs of the community this working group serves
  2. Design and implement a plan to serve the needs of the community which may include programming, resource curation, and community building

Current projects:

    The K-12 Working Group recently shared a survey seeking input on how to best serve the AGU K-12 community. The results of the survey will inform the goals and objectives of the working group over the next year.

      We welcome your ideas, questions, and broader participation! Contact: Missy Holzer (Missy.holzer@gmail.com) or Diana Ibarra (dlibarra@isf.edu.hk).