Students & Early Career Working Group

Welcome to the Student & Early Career Working Group!

The AGU Education Section Student and Early Career Working Group (SECWG) represents student and early career Earth and space science educators. We define “student” as any person enrolled in an academic institution pursuing a degree. We define “early career” as any person within 10 years of their Ph.D. or highest equivalent terminal degree. This Working Group seeks to support the needs of students and early career members of the AGU community involved in or interested in education, outreach, and science communication. We are here to serve as the liaison to the AGU Education Section, to represent the voice of the Student & Early Career (SEC) community, and to offer supporting activities for the SEC education community.

Our goals for the coming year center around continuing to provide resources and opportunities for student and early career educators. We will continue to offer programming outside the AGU Fall Meeting agenda–typically with a workshop or webinar hosted once in the Fall and once in the Spring. Topics for workshops and webinars are generated by student and early career member surveys. The SECWG will continue to serve as a liaison between the student and early career members and the Education Section executive committee and larger AGU community. In the coming year, we hope to expand our SECWG by adding new student and early career members that are passionate about getting involved with the Education Section community. 

Current projects:
The SECWG is currently working on organizing our Fall Meeting events, which includes:

  • Chairing a session centered around informal education pathways (an expansion of a workshop we hosted in Spring 2022)
  • Partnering with the Science and Society Section SECWG to host a joint social event at Fall Meeting focused on science communication practices.

We recently hosted a webinar on DEI Statements (led by Dr. Darryl Reano) in Fall 2022 and plan to offer another workshop/webinar in Spring 2023 with a new topic of interest for the student and early career community. 

We welcome your ideas, questions, and broader participation! You can contact the Education Section SECWG at their email address:

Or, contact the current Education Section SECWG chairs directly: 

Molly Witter (

Elijah Johnson (