College of Fellows Distinguished Lecture Series Committee

The following College of Fellows committee is working to create a new speaker series where Fellows would be engaged to go out to underrepresented communities to provide them with an opportunity to hear from an AGU Fellow and get inspired to pursue a career in Earth and space science.

Committee members
Committee chair: James Murray, University of Washington

Estella Atekwana, University of Delaware
James Galloway, University of Virginia
Dani Or, ETH Zurich
Dominique Jault, University of Grenoble
Jeffrey Vervoort, Washington State University
Catherine Chauvel, Institut De Physique Du Globe De Paris
Qingyun Duan, Hohai University
Ping Yang, Texas A&M University

Program overview

The AGU College of Fellows (COF) has developed the Distinguished Lecture Series (DLS) where AGU Fellows will have an opportunity to give live or virtual lectures to the world-wide earth science community. This speaker series will be supported by the AGU COF.

Participating in the DLS is an honor bestowed on AGU Fellows. AGU Fellows represent high-profile ambassadors for AGU and the science we represent.

This speaker series will provide students, especially those without access to Earth and space scientists, an opportunity to be inspired by and learn from AGU Fellows. The lectures will provide a high-level synthesis of specific fields and will focus on grand challenges and societal impacts.

Lectures in 2021 will be virtual. In the future, the series will utilize a hybrid approach including both virtual and in-person lectures.

How the program works

Nominating speakers

For the startup year, the DLS Committee will request preliminary nominations from 25 AGU sections. There will be a two-step selection process:

  1. Each section leader will be asked to submit nomination for one distinguished speaker for smaller sections (less than 5,000 primary members) and two names for larger sections (more than 5,000 primary members). Section leaders will submit the following information:
    • Name, institution, and geographic location.
    • A paragraph about the nominee’s field(s) of interest.
    • Updated CV

Section leaders should consider all forms of diversity (gender, racial, age, geographic, subject matter, etc.) when submitting nominations.

  1. The DLS committee will review the section nominations and select a subset of the group for further consideration. The selected subset group will be asked to submit a formal nomination letter (less than 2 pages).

The DLS will select 10 speakers for the inaugural year. Those preliminary nominations not selected for formal nominations will be held for subsequent years.

Section leader nominations due Friday, April 23, 2021. Final selection will be completed by Friday, May 14, 2021.

Speaker obligations

Speakers will prepare a lecture (~45 minutes) that can be presented at multiple sites.
The lectures will provide a high-level synthesis of specific fields and will focus on grand challenges and societal impacts.

Speakers will also participate in a site-specific Zoom session that may include a brief introduction about science topics and strategies for success. This session may include communication with administrators on strategic planning and research investment. Each lecture will end with a broad-based question-and-answer session on the excitement and gratification of doing research in geophysical science.

We will encourage presentations to be more than Power Point presentations on a Zoom screen. Speakers will be encouraged to use the following resources for creating an engaging lecture:

Target audience/lecture locations

The goal of this program is to get students from underrepresented minority groups to become excited about research and a potential career in the geosciences. AGU will advertise speakers and lectures using our website and social media promotion channels, as well as promote opportunities directly to all R2 and R3 universities and colleges, especially all US-based minority serving institutions and associations. There will also be outreach to international colleges and research labs.

In 2021, all lectures will be virtual. In following years, there will be an opportunity to request virtual or in-person lectures. The goal is to have 10-20 engagements in the first year. 

Speaker expenses

Each speaker will receive an honorarium for their time and effort during the year. In future years, each speaker’s travel costs will be reimbursed in a timely manner.