College of Fellows Mentorship Committee

This committee is responsible for planning and implementing new ideas to engage AGU Fellows to support development of next generation of Earth and space scientists through mentorship activities and connections. The committee is currently working on two activities:

  • AGU Mentoring Network is an initiative of the College of Fellows that goes beyond traditional mentoring by creating groups, or small networks, that include senior scientist mentors and peer mentors, which meet virtually once per month over the course of a year. Each network is composed of two senior scientists and six early career scientists. The network helps broaden opportunities and limit the obstacles for early career scientists just starting out professionally in the Earth and space sciences.
  • Hosting The Macelwane Early Career and Student Breakfast, which will provide an opportunity to interact with AGU Fellows, past and present Macelwane Medalists, and other mentors during Fall Meeting.

Articles about COF mentoring efforts

Committee Members
Committee chair: Larry Esposito, University of Colorado
Committee co-chair: Mary Anne Holmes, University of Nebraska- Lincoln

Julio Betancourt, Water Mission Area, USGS
Anthony Jakeman, Australian National University Claude Jaupart, Institut de Physique du Globe de Paris
Richard Orville, Texas A&M University
William Reeburgh, University of California Irvine
Anthony Watts, University of Oxford