College of Fellows Legacy Committee

The AGU College of Fellows Legacy Committee will act as stewards for the scientific heritage of the Earth and Space sciences. To identify projects, the committee will review periodically the important scientific research findings, educational activities, and science-policy activities within Earth and Space Sciences. The committee will make recommendations to the CoF Executive Committee about programs, activities, and events that will highlight significant achievements, especially as they provide guidance for future AGU activities for the Union as a whole and specific sections. 

Committee Members
Committee chair: Eileen Hofmann, Old Dominion University


Tissa Illangasekare, Colorado School of Mines    
Francis Macdonald, University of California, Santa Barbara
Nick McCave, Cambridge University
Mike McPhaden, NOAA Ocean, Atmosphere, and Climate            
Anne Meltzer, Lehigh University 
Imke de Pater, University of California, Berkeley
Susan Roberts, National Academies of Science, Engineering, and Medicine             
Anne Thompson, NASA  Atmosphere and Climate

One key area of focus for this committee is supporting collecting power stories from Fellows and others within the AGU community. Perspectives of Earth and Space Scientistis a Gold Open Access collection of memoirs, essays, and insights by AGU Fellows and other invited authors reflecting on important scientific discoveries, advances, and events in Earth and space science.

Here is an announcement from the Perspectives of Earth and Space Scientists journal editor, Michael Wysession:

I would like to extend an invitation for you to publish a story in the newest of AGU’s journals, Perspectives of Earth and Space Scientists. A bit different from other AGU journals, Perspectives was launched as an AGU Centennial initiative with the intent of capturing some of the unique, special stories from key individuals that have made significant contributions to Earth and space science throughout their careers. Although Perspectives is still a peer-reviewed and citable journal, it involves very different kinds of writing than we are typically used to with other AGU journals. In most journals, the author’s personality is discouraged, whereas with Perspectives it is essential, whether it is addressing lessons learned over a career, a particular event, the birth or development of a scientific field, or the solution to a scientific challenge.  Whatever the format, it would be best to keep in mind how this story can help to inform and inspire future geoscientists. However, with a target limit of just 12 AGU units, similar in length to a GRL paper, a Perspectives article is not a memoir. Although the journal is open access, all of your publishing costs will be waived.

To see some of the previously published Perspectives articles, and to submit a paper to Perspectives, please go to:

To see a promotional video interview AGU took with, please go to: 

To see the author guidelines for publishing in Perspectives, please go to: