Hello, Near-Surface Geophysics Students!

The goal of this page is to establish an online community for NS students and to provide easy access to information most relevant to student needs. If you have any suggestions for how to improve the page, please email our NS Student Representative, Matt Sirianni.

Been to the field recently? Send us your photos to be featured here!

2019 Abstracts are due 31 July at 11:59 PM EDT!

There are FOUR available grants for AGU student members, which are listed below. Check back for the application deadlines or visit HERE for more information.

Fall Meeting Student Travel Grant
  • What it offers: partial travel assistance to the Fall Meeting
  • Eligibility: any student giving a presentation at the December Fall Meeting
Fall Meeting Berkner Fellowships
  • What it offers: funds that cover registration, travel, boarding, and meals for the Fall Meeting
  • Eligibility: early career scientists and students under 35 years of age who are citizens of countries designated by the World Bank as "low" or "lower-middle" income per capita
David E. Lumley Young Scientist Scholarship
  • What it offers: free AGU student membership, $500 travel grant to attend the Fall Meeting and $1000 college scholarship
  • Eligibility: high school and undergraduate students
David S. Miller Young Scientist Scholarship
  • What it offers: $1000 scholarship
  • Eligibility: undergraduate or graduate students who demonstrate financial need and are interested in a career in geo-environmental science or engineering

Looking to save on travel to the Annual Meeting

  • Become a Student Volunteer and earn FREE student registration! Applications for the Volunteer program opens October 2019.

Near Surface Student Wiki

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It is incredibly simple to edit pages and your contributions do not need to be polished -- even a short, one-sentence comment on how you would like to see something changed can influence other users to act on that suggestion and implement your idea. If you have problems accessing the page, contact Matt Sirianni.