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Near-Surface Geophysics focuses on the development and application of any and all geophysical methods to study the near-surface region of the Earth, to advance the fundamental science of geophysical imaging (data acquisition, inversion, interpretation), and to address key questions about subsurface properties and processes.

NS was created to provide a home for those people who describe themselves as near-surface geophysicists: studying and advancing the use of geophysics for near-surface applications. The formation of NS thus addresses two needs: 1) fosters communication within the NS geophysics community, the primary goal being to advance the science of NS geophysics as an end it itself; 2) promotes the awareness of NS in other fields and advances the use of NS where the primary science goals/questions are in other areas of science. Near-surface applications addressed by NS researchers include, but are not limited to, studies in archaeology, biogeochemistry, coastal processes and climate change, ecology, hydrology, tectonics, volcanology. A full description of the section is given in the following article in EOS: Slater, L., Knight, R., Singha, K., Binley, A., and Atekwana, E., Near-Surface Geophysics: A New Section, Eos Trans. AGU, 87(25), 249, 2006.

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