NSG Executive Committee Members (2019 - 2020)

Xavier Coman

Xavier Comas

Burke Minsley

Sarah Kruse

Sarah Kruse
Past President

Fall Meeting Program Committee

Liaisons to other Sections and Professional Societies

European Liaison

African Liaison

South American Liaison

Asian Liaison

  • Vacant

Fellows Committee

  • Burke Minsley, Kristina Keating, and Kisa Mwakanyamale

Canvasing  Committee

  • Sarah Kruse, Lee Slater and Adam Mangel

NS Early Career Award

  • Xavier Comas, George Tsoflias, Fed Day-Lewis, and Chi Zhang

GSSI student award committee

  • Burke Minsley, Greg Mount, George Tsoflias, Chi Zhang

AGU-SEG Collaboration Commitee

  • Lu Pellerin, Xavier Comas

Centennial Commitee

  • Xavier Comas and Burke Minsley

OSPA Coordinator