NSG Executive Committee Members (2023 - 2024)

ChiZhang.jpgChi Zhang

ChiZhang.jpgJonathan Ajo-Franklin

ChiZhang.jpgBurke Minsley
Past President

Fall Meeting Program Committee

Liaisons to other Sections and Professional Societies

European Liaison

African Liaison

South American Liaison

Asian Liaison

  • Vacant

Fellows Committee

  • Jonathan Ajo-Franklin, Roelof Versteeg, Kisa Mwakanyamale, Tim Johnson

Canvasing  Committee

  • Xavier Comas, Lee Slater, Burke Minsley, and Kristina Keating

    Awards Committee

    • Kennedy Doro, Ryan Smith, George Tsoflias, Trevor Irons, Judy Robinson, and Anja Klotzsche

    Centennial Committee

    • Xavier Comas and Burke Minsley

    OSPA Coordinator