SEG 2015 Spring Distinguished and Honorary Lecturer

Posted: 12/5/2013

Nominations are now open through 8 January for the 2015 Spring DL and the 2015 Spring HLs: Near Surface, Europe, Pacific South, and South & East Asia. The Near Surface tour has been moved to a spring rotation due to some changes in the business office.

The nomination forms are available from Karline Threadgill; completed forms should be send to Karline.  Regional HLs should be chosen preferably from the region of their tour. You should discreetly approach your nominees to inquire about availability and topic. Other than that all proceedings should remain strictly confidential.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. Thank you for helping to strengthen this important, high-profile program.

Nominations for EEGS Early Career and Frischknecht Awards (from Jutta Hager)

Posted: 9/2/2013

The EEGS / Geonics Early Career Award (ECA) acknowledges academic excellence, and encourages research in near surface geophysics and is presented annually to a full time university faculty member who is fewer than five years beyond the starting date of his or her current academic appointment and within ten years post-completion of his/her PhD, to acknowledge significant and ongoing contributions to the discipline of Environmental and Engineering Geophysics.

The EEGS/NSGS-SEG Frank Frischknecht Leadership Award recognizes an individual who shows extraordinary leadership in advancing the cause of near surface geophysics through long-term, tireless, and enthusiastic support of the environmental and engineering geophysics community. The award is presented jointly by EEGS and the Near Surface Geophysics Section of the SEG (NSGS-SEG). The award alternates on an approximately 18-month interval between EEGS' SAGEEP and the NSG Section of the SEG annual meeting, with EEGS.

The contact for both awards is the EEGS Nominations and Awards Committee Chair Doug Laymon. All nominations are requested prior to the end of the year (Dec, 2013).

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The AWG Lone Star Rising Career Scholarship

Posted: 6/2/2013

The AWG Lone Star Rising Career Scholarship provides professional development funding for women geoscience professionals seeking to resume their geoscience careers after having been out of the workforce or women geoscience students seeking to enter the workforce in a geoscience-related field within the next two years. Deadline for applications is October 31, awards will range up to $3000. 

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