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2021 Welcome from incoming Education Section President Tanya Furman

By Stacie Bender posted 16 days ago

T. Furman, AGU Education Section President, 2021-2023
T. Furman, AGU Education Section President, 2021-2023

I am excited to begin my term as President of the Education Section and am deeply grateful to Mark Moldwin for his leadership and wisdom as we launched this new adventure. We have a lot to treasure about the past year, and as we turn to the future, we see many great opportunities. We have a strong and thoughtful foundation upon which to build and grow.

This year I am particularly eager to build bridges both within AGU and with the Geoscience Education community in our partner societies in the US (including NAGT, GSA, NESTA) and around the world (including EGU and JpGU). Many of you belong to multiple Sections within AGU, and we hope to engage you in building this network. Look for us to reach out, and then to offer joint sessions at the AGU Fall Meeting in 2021 and beyond.

Each of us has been influenced by amazing teachers and mentors, and the AGU Education Section will continue to work to find ways to celebrate and recognize these important people. Take a moment this winter to reflect on your path and consider the people whom you would like to thank for their empathy, their rigor of thought, or their support of you through your learning. We’ll ask you to drop us a line in spring!

As we look forward to next year, we celebrate the inaugural Dottie Stout Lecture which will recognize an early career Earth and Space Science educator. The nomination process begins with you, and we hope you will share names with Education Section leadership. For the more senior among us, it is a terrific way to pay it forward by recognizing a junior colleague to showcase their work.

Like all of AGU we rely on volunteers from the community who are willing to invest their energy into helping the Section mature and shine brightly. Consider whether you might contribute by serving on our development team, our meeting program planning team, our canvassing and nominations committees, or any other avenue that is right for you.

Finally, a brief word about money. We will continue to support Outstanding Student Presentation Awards (OSPA) winners and families with young children to help defray the expenses associated with attending AGU meetings. Your contributions make that possible, and AGU provides incentive funds as the percentage of section membership contributing to our goals increases over time. A small donation from you can tip the scales to a major matching donation from the organization.

Please know that the Education Section is here for you. If you have an idea to share, just send an email to me at furman {at} psu {dot} edu. I look forward to working with you in the coming year.

Tanya Furman
President, AGU Education Section