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Fall Meeting Caregiver Grant - Apply Now!

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Early Career Committee

The AGU Biogeosciences Section Early Career Committee is excited to announce Caregiver Conference Support Grants for the 2022 Fall Meeting. The purpose of these grants is to support student and early career members affiliated with the Biogeosciences section who face challenges in attending the Fall Meeting (either in person or online) due to expenses directly related to their responsibilities as the primary caregiver for a child or other dependent. 


Seeing Science: Visual Strategies for Dealing with the SciComm Reality that Facts Don't Work (Alone) 


September 20, 1230-1400 ET

We know that visuals are compelling enough to dominate our decision-making, but how do we leverage that for effective, inclusive SciComm? In this interactive workshop, participants will explore cross-disciplinary and multicultural examples, interactive activities, and foundational best practices in graphic design which can help them productively use visuals to communicate science. 

Speaker: Bethann Gerramon Merkle, MFA is an award-winning artist/communicator fascinated with science and sustainability. 

Virtual Webinar

Organized by the DEI Committee

Demystifying the Preparation Process for AGU Honors Nomination Packets

August 29th @ 230-4 PM ET

The AGU Biogeosciences Section’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee will hold a virtual webinar to prepare potential nominators and nominees to AGU medals, honors, and awards with the knowledge and skills they need to put together an outstanding packet.

LaToya Myles, the Chair of the AGU Honors & Recognition Committee, will present an overview of the AGU Honors program, after which 2021 Hilker Early Career Award winner Jennifer Glass and AGU Fellow Ariel Anbar and will walk participants through the crafting of a CV, publication list, and letters of recommendation. 

If interested, please email Sam Rabin (sam.rabin@rutgers.edu) to receive an email with the sign-up link once it's ready.

#AGU22 Get Ready For Chicago!

Fall Meeting Programming Committee (Avni Malhotra (Incoming Chiar), Ben Runkle (Outgoing Chair), Laura Meredith, Forrest Hoffman, Min Chen)

At this time, AGU is planning the 2022 Fall Meeting as a "hybrid" meeting, aimed to optimize both in-person and worldwide virtual participation. Check out #AGU22 for further information.



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