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Newsletter - June 2020

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Elise Pendall (President), Margaret Torn (President-Elect), Jennifer Pett-Ridge (Secretary) 

Dear B-section,

As recent tragedies in the US have reminded us, a long history of racism, violence and injustice are deeply rooted in many societies. Protests over the tragic killing of George Floyd and many other Black, Brown and Indigenous individuals have expanded globally, because these are not isolated incidents. Systemic racism and institutionalized discrimination continue to fuel enormous social inequity, which is another epidemic that must be eliminated.  

We want to tell you about some concrete actions we are formulating to address inequities in our scientific society, and throughout STEM. The B-section executive committee has met to discuss these, and we are keen to push even further—we invite your suggestions and involvement! We also encourage you to follow the frequent, important AGU-wide updates From the Prow, to support the Call to Action found in the Geoscientists of Color Statement, and to reflect on how you can become a part of the changes taking place globally.


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#AGU20: Online Everywhere Experience

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Guy BrasseurBrooks HansonLauren Parr

Fall Meeting is less than five months away. Our goal, with your input and counsel, is to co-create the most diverse, engaging and dynamic online experience thelp advance your science and enhance your career. We’re focused on showcasing the Earth and space sciences and their growing connections and importance... 


AGU Fall Meeting is virtual (mostly) and remains global (always)

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AGU - From the Prow, AGU Staff 

#AGU20 will be mostly virtual. “Mostly” because if science and health professionals tell us it is safe for groups to convene, AGU would like to host a regional gathering in San Francisco. If we decide that is feasible, we will let you know by August. In addition, depending on where you’re located (and if it’s safe), you can create your own mini-#AGU20 watch party or hub. We’ll share guidance if you’re interested in being a convener...


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Confronting Racism in STEM AGU Action


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Global Ice Viewer

See how climate change has affected glaciers, sea ice, and continental ice 



Characterizing the effects of climate change and land use on the ISS

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Important Dates

  • Fall Meeting December 7-11th
    In response to COVD-19, the Fall Meeting will be virtual (mostly) with sessions and other events streamed online.
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