Awards & Honors


The Biogeosciences Section emphasizes linkages between biological sciences and geophysical sciences fundamental to study of the Earth and other planets. The research areas encompassed within the section include biogeochemistry, biogeophysics, astrobiology, and planetary scale ecosystem science. Section members are interested in advancing understanding of coupled biological and geophysical processes important in many emerging research areas in biology, ecology and earth and planetary science. Examples of such processes are terrestrial ecosystem-climate interactions, transport of contaminants in groundwater, effects of stream flow patterns on aquatic biodiversity, extinction events in Earth history and existence of life under extreme conditions on Earth or other planets.

Progress in these research areas will be relevant to current environmental challenges, such as climate change, regional scale nitrogen enrichment and contaminant regulation. The section welcomes members who are academic and research scientists.

The Biogeosciences section has established an award and two named lectures which recognize scientists in various stages of their careers. Details about each honor are provided below.


Leah Bland
Program Coordinator, Union Awards, Medals and Prizes
Phone: +1 202 777 7389

Antonio Covington
Program Specialist, Section Awards and Lectures
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