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Early Career Registration Grants for Fall Meeting

14 Aug 2020

Early Career Fall Meeting registration awards ($249 for FM attendance) are available for primary affiliates of the Biogeosciences Section within 10 years of their last degree. ALL applications will be considered, whether or not you submitted an abstract. Priority will be given based on the following criteria: First time attendee; financial need; abstract submitted; additional service/volunteer contributions such as committee work, session chair or convener. 

Apply by Sept 1, 2020, by submitting a single pdf attachment with the following info by email to with the subject “AGU Early Career Registration <Name of applicant>”:

  1. Applicant name and contact information (including email address), current affiliation and position
  2. CV (short)
  3. Statement (up to 200 words) describing how attending the conference would advance your career success, volunteer contributions to AGU, and financial need. 
  4. Abstract for the applicant’s Fall Meeting presentation, including the session name

Early Career Peer Mentoring

14 Aug 2020

We invite early-career members to participate in the first iteration of our peer-mentoring program.

Who’s eligible? Anyone affiliated with the American Geophysical Union’s Biogeosciences section who is within 10 years of completion of their highest degree. We are looking for participants from all stages of the ‘early career’ journey, from students to technicians to research group leaders. We encourage people from diverse backgrounds to apply.

What’s the point? To support early-career members from all backgrounds in career development and growing their peer network.

How do I sign up? Current AGU-Biogeosciences early career and student members are invited to fill out the short questionnaire provided HERE.  
Sign up closes 19/08/2020 (PST).

Student Travel Grants for Fall Meeting

14 Aug 2020
Applications for students to attend the 2020 Fall Meeting are due by Aug 25. Up to $1000 is available per student.

For details and to apply click 
HERE. This is a great opportunity for undergraduate and graduate students to participate in the first virtual Fall Meeting and share their research with the world!