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The AGU Space Physics and Aeronomy (SPA) Nomination Task Force’s (NTF) objective is to nominate colleagues from groups who are often underrepresented in the pool of nominees for AGU awards and honors. We seek out deserving but overlooked SPA members and nominate them to put their work in front of award committees.

When the NTF formed in 2017, in the preceding 3 years the percent of AGU SPA fellow nominations that were women was 6% (1 of 16 nominations), 14% (2 of 14), and 0% (0 of 15) nominations, despite women making up a significantly larger fraction of AGU membership (December 5 2017 SPA newsletter announcement, see here). This is just one example; many other groups are also underrepresented in the nominations process, thus are far less likely to win awards. Moreover, this is not a problem unique to SPA (see “Further Reading”).

Since 2017, the NTF has been involved in 15 Fellow Nominations, 11 nominations for other AGU awards, and 3 nominations for non-AGU awards (see “Impact of NTF”). 

Please contact Michael Hartinger (mhartinger@spacescience.org) if you’d like more information about the NTF or would like to join this year’s efforts. You don’t have to be from an underrepresented group to join, and contributions are needed from all career levels. Participating in the task force is a valuable and unique opportunity for early-career folks to network with more senior scientists, to learn more about the AGU awards process, and to nominate deserving but overlooked colleagues for awards.

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Page last updated on 02/15/2021