Space Physics & Aeronomy (SPA)

The Space Physics and Aeronomy Section is united by its interest in the Sun, the heliosphere, and the upper atmospheres and magnetospheres of solar system planets and small bodies. 
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SPA Content from the Virtual Fall Meeting 2020

Slides from SPA Events this year
Slides from SPA Reception
NASA Slides from Agency Night
NSF-GEO Slides from Agency Night
NSF-AST Slides from Agency Night

Recordings of Plenary Lectures
Bowie Prize Lectures
Van Allen Lecture (Robert L. McPherron)
Nicolet Lecture (Kristina A. Lynch)
Hanson Lecture (Roderick A. Heelis) (coming soon)

SPA Section Awards
International Basu Talk (Shiyong Huang)
US Basu Talk (Meghan Burleigh)
Scarf Talk (Parisa Mostafavi)
SPARC Talk (Charles William Smith) 

More Information: This Year's Honors and Award Recipients

Thank you to our sponsors, Ball and Lockheed-Martin, whose generosity enables many who would otherwise be excluded to attend the conference.
Ball Aerospace Lockheed Martin


  • While we are exciting about the upcoming Fall AGU meeting, SPA recognizes that this may be a difficult and complicated time for many people.  One aspect of this is when providing care for dependents conflicts with attending virtual meetings.    With support from our sponsors, Lockheed Martin and Ball Aerospace, SPA is able to provide some help through awards intended to offset the cost of dependent ...

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