Student Mentoring Program

EPSP Student Mentoring Program

Are you a new grad student studying earth and planetary surface processes embarking on your advanced degree? Or are you nearing graduation with valuable insights to pass on and looking for mentorship experience? There’s a place for you in the new EPSP Student Mentorship Program.

Interested individuals can apply HERE to either give or receive mentorship throughout the Fall 2023 semester. In this EPSP-sponsored program, new master’s and PhD students with at least one year of graduate school remaining will receive guidance in a one-on-one discussion format from experienced graduate students. The discussions are an opportunity for students at all levels to share experiences and advice on a range of topics and skills to foster academic success.

Experienced graduate students with at least two years of graduate school experience will have the opportunity to lead three structured discussions with new master’s and PhD students during the Fall Semester. The topics for these discussions will vary with each group, but potential options include: taking advantage of networking opportunities, pursuing funded research, attending conferences, and the scientific publishing process. Suggested discussion materials and group training sessions (on relevant ethics, diversity, equity, and inclusivity) will be provided to the mentors with the hope that their personal experience will supplement the discussion.

This is a great opportunity for both early and late-stage graduate students to learn from one another and build connections across age and experience.

The application deadline is September 13, 2023. Participation will be limited, so apply today!