EPSP Connects


EPSP Connects is a monthly seminar series that alternates between EPSP-related science talks and professional development panels.  All events are held virtually via either Zoom, are open to all and free, and are typically held on the second or third Wednesday of the month. While we've launched EPSP Connects during the Covid 19 pandemic, we intend to continue these seminars on a monthly basis into whatever new normal emerges.

Each event requires advanced registration so we can provide a secure online environment for talks. Select science talks and panels will be made available online at the discretion of the presenters. The AGU Meeting Code of Conduct applies to this virtual meeting space . There will be zero tolerance for violations of this code. Violations will result in immediate ejection from the seminar, a filed report with AGU, and a ban from all future EPSP Connects events.

Upcoming Seminars

(All seminars at 08:00 San Francisco, 11:00 New York, 17:00 Berlin, 23:00 Beijing. In the event of confusion, Pacific Standard/Daylight Time holds, check your local time relative to PST/PDT here)

February 16 2022
A science talk from Kim Huppert (GFZ Potsdam) on Islands in the rain: Isolating the influence of rainfall on erosion on volcanic ocean islands 
Registration coming soon

Past Events and Additional Webinars

January 2022: Rocks in the river: creating terraces and gorges with sediment
A science talk from Sarah Schanz (Colorado College) 

November 2021: Landscapes on the fringe: From volcanoes to rocky coasts
A science talk from Kristin Sweeney (University of Portland)

September 2021:
A science talk from Robert Mahon (University of New Orleans)

August 2021: The Martian Chronicles: There will come a Gale
A science talk from Marisa Palucis (Dartmouth College)

June 2021
A panel discussion on opportunities outside academia with panelists Kealie Pretzlav (Balance Hydrologics), Laura Zinke (Nature Reviews Earth & Environment), Robert Emberson(NASA Landslides Team), Shawn Chartrand(Simon Fraser University). 

May 2021
Special Townhall on Surface process applications of environmental seismology and distributed acoustic sensing (DAS) with panelists Ge Jin (Colorado School of Mines), Michaela Wenner (ETH Zürich), Marine Denolle (University of Washington), and Eileen Martin (Virginia Tech). Moderated by Danica Roth (Colorado School of Mines) and Claire Masteller (Washington University in St Louis). 

April 2021
A panel discussion on building a supportive research community with panel members Julia Cisneros & Jorge San Juan Blanco (University of Illinois Urbana-Champaign Geo-Hydro Discussion Group), Katherine (Katy) Barnhart (Landlab / Journal of Open Source Software (JOSS) / USGS), Rachel Maxwell (UCSC GEODES)

Read the related blog post How we successfully created a supportive graduate research community across multiple university entities by Julia Cisneros and Jorge San Juan

March 2021: Icy Landscapes Heating Up
A science talk from Irina Overeem (University of Colorado Boulder)

February  2021
A panel discussion on science communication with Becca Dzombak (GSA's Science Communication Fellow and University of Michigan), Amy East (Editor-in-chief, JGR Earth Surface and USGS), Katherine Kornei (Science Journalist), Charlie Shobe (Geobites Editor and West Virginia University)

January 2021: Throwing rocks down hills: wildfire, surface roughness and steepland sediment transport
A science talk from Danica Roth (Colorado School of Mines)

November 2020: Demographics of Dam Removals
A science talk from Josh Galster (Montclair State University)

October 2020: The intersection of geomorphology and environmental justice
A Q&A panel discussion featuring José Constantine (Williams College), Rebecca Lave (Indiana University-Bloomington), and Sacoby Wilson (University of Maryland).
(note: We plan to post a list of compiled resources related to environmental justice the week of October 19)

September 2020: Complex system response to external forcing in bedrock river networks
A science talk from Helen Beeson (ETH Zürich)

September 2020 (Special Virtual Townhall): A Community Discussion of Typical Wildfire Effects on Earth Surface Processes, Featuring panelists: Stephanie Kampf (Colorado State University), Luke McGuire (University of Arizona), Jennifer Pierce (Boise State University), Gary Sheridan (University of Melbourne), and moderated by Francis Rengers (USGS)

August 2020: Productive work habits (summary of the discussion coming soon!)
A discussion of best practices for balancing academic productivity and mental health with panelists Jean Braun (GFZ-Potsdam), Anjali Fernandes (Denison), Doug Jerolmack (Penn), and Frances Rivera-Hernandez (Dartmouth/Georgia Tech). 

July 2020: Sea level, sediment, and soil chemical weathering: Transient behavior at source and sink

A science talk from Ken Ferrier (University of Wisconsin-Madison)

June 2020: Navigating Postdocs (click here for a summary of the discussion)
A discussion on best practices for applying to and getting the most out of postdocs, featuring panelists Corina Cerovski-Darriau (USGS), Noah Finnegan (UC Santa Cruz), Raleigh Martin (American Geosciences Institute), and Duna Roda-Boluda (GFZ-Potsdam) 

The AGU Hydrology Section Study Subcommittee has an excellent series of applying for academic jobs.

GSA also has a webinar series on Career Development

Next Event

February 16 2022
A science talk from Kim Huppert: Islands in the rain: Isolating the influence of rainfall on erosion on volcanic ocean islands
Registration coming soon


Bishwodeep Adhikari (Penn State University)
Roberto Fernández (University of Hull)
James Guilinger (University of California Irvine)
Madeline Kelley (Arizona State University and Naval Research Lab)
Risa Madoff (University of North Dakota)
Kevin Pierce (University of British Columbia)
Michael Robinson (University of Nevada Reno)
Manudeo Singh (Universität Potsdam)
Past organizers: Scott Feehan, Claire Masteller, Udita Mukherjee, Joel Scheingross, and Diane Wagner.