EPSP for Students

Welcome to the Earth and Planetary Surface Processes (EPSP) Section Student Website. We are a group of students who volunteer to promote & advocate for student involvement in the EPSP community. We also facilitate networking opportunities for EPSP students, and gauge student interest & community climate. You might be familiar with our work organizing the Early Career Spotlight every month on the EPSP website. We also run Fall Meeting events like the EPSP Early Career Student Networking Event and Early Career Social Night.

View our Bylaws (adopted January 2021)

Bylaws Amendment 1 (evaluation rubric for selecting new members)

Contact Us!

If you have any suggestions for how we can better engage our EPSP section, please contact our EPSP Student Committee:

  • Eric Barefoot, Rice University - eric.barefoot -at- rice.edu
  • Isamar Cortes, Montclaire State University
  • Scott Feehan, University of Nevada Reno
  • Hima Hassenruck-Gudipati, University of Texas Austin - himahg -at- utexas.edu
  • Udita Mukherjee, Tulane University
  • Mohammad Sadrian, University of Nevada Reno
  • Roshan Shukla, Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur
  • Garima Sodha, Indian Institute of Technology Kanpur

Now recruiting!

The AGU EPSP Student Committee is now recruiting! In the coming year, we are looking to continue our existing efforts and also expand our resources towards more projects related to content creation, diversity & inclusion, and community climate surveys for the EPSP student body. 

If you are interested in joining, please fill out an application form here (https://forms.gle/2gRebPKjD56K2GTk7) by February 1, 2021.

Note, applications are evaluated following this rubric.