Wonderful Coffee Hour

Starting in January 2012, EPSP will hold a monthly social hour: the EPSP Wonderful Coffee Hour.  The event will be hosted on Wonder, the platform used for our 2020 Fall Meeting Geomorphologists Night (in browser, no account necessary). Please join us to connect with existing colleagues and meet new ones. All are welcome, please encourage interested students to participate.

First Wednesday of each month (6 Jan 2021, 3 Feb 2021, etc) 

08:00 San Francisco / 11:00 New York  / 17:00 Berlin / 23:00 Beijing

Join Link: https://www.wonder.me/r?id=44fab7a9-ca74-4d96-9514-3bc7ca865482

Many thanks to Katy Barnhart for organizing these events!

The AGU Meeting Code of Conduct applies to this virtual meeting space . There will be zero tolerance for violations of this code. Violations will result in immediate ejection from the Coffee Hour, a filed report with AGU, and a ban from all future virtual EPSP events.