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AGU23 Session H134: Understanding and Scaling Catchment Response to Disturbances - Call for Abstracts

  • 1.  AGU23 Session H134: Understanding and Scaling Catchment Response to Disturbances - Call for Abstracts

    Posted 07-20-2023 12:51

    Dear friends and colleagues,

    Are you working on the impact of natural and anthropogenic disturbances (land use land cover changes and climate change) on catchment processes? We invite you to present your work in the session "Understanding and scaling catchment response to disturbances".  

    Session description:

    Disturbances like climate change, land use, and land cover changes including forest thinning, prescribed fires, and reforestation, are becoming more prevalent globally, initiating a cascade of changes in hydrologic regimes and biogeochemical processes. These processes are tightly interwoven, requiring interdisciplinary knowledge and tools to understand storage, movement, and quality of water in the landscape. This session will highlight contributions focused on: 1) quantifying the magnitude and extent of disturbance at scale, 2) leveraging stream data to advance understanding of ecosystem and other Critical Zone processes and their response to disturbances, 3) synthesizing and scaling findings for informing water and ecosystem management. We encourage submissions emerging from a range of approaches and measurements such as data assimilation, experimentation, machine learning, modeling, environmental tracers, LiDAR, and/or remote sensing. We also encourage submissions from multi-scale studies that identify large scale controls and connections between catchment-scale processes and regional/global scale patterns.

    Session link (abstract submission):

    Invited speakers:

    Prof. Irena Creed (University of Toronto Scarborough)

    Prof. Alexandra Konings (Stanford University)


    Kayalvizhi Sadayappan

    Mohammad Safeeq

    Devon Kerins

    Bryn Stewart

    Vivek Gupta

    Deadline: 2nd Aug, 2023

    Kayalvizhi Sadayappan
    (on behalf of al conveners)

    Kayalvizhi Sadayappan

    PhD (Environmental Engineering & Biogeochemistry) Candidate

    Department of Civil & Environmental Engineering

    The Pennsylvania State University

    University Park, PA 16802