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AGU: Predicting the Fate of Deltas and Coastal Wetlands

  • 1.  AGU: Predicting the Fate of Deltas and Coastal Wetlands

    Posted 07-16-2022 10:40

    Dear colleagues,

    We're excited to share our session "EP019 Predicting the fate of river deltas and coastal wetlands: remote sensing, numerical modeling and field advances" at the AGU Fall Meeting (Chicago, IL and online everywhere - December 12-16, 2021). The deadline for abstract submission is August 3. 

    River deltas and coastal wetlands are among the most valuable ecosystems on Earth, for example providing coastal protection against storm impacts and sequestering carbon. However, these coastal ecosystems are threatened by global climate change, land loss, and anthropogenic activities, with long-term sustainability dependent on sediment delivery and biological productivity.
    Predicting the fate of these environments is particularly challenging because they are governed by multiscale interactions between vegetation, sediment transport and water flow. Therefore, predicting the impact of anthropogenic activities on deltas and wetlands requires cross-disciplinary research including advances within the fields of hydrology, geomorphology, and ecology. In this session, we encourage the presentation of innovative research that integrates multiple novel methods such as remote sensing, numerical modeling, and in-situ field measurements to help understand vital coastal processes and improve predictions of coastal resilience at landscape, regional, and global scales.

    We look forward to hearing about your research.

    Alexandra Christensen, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
    Olivier Gourgue, University of Antwerp 
    John Mallard, University of North Carolina Chapel Hill
    Anna Braswell, University of Florida
    Elena Solohin, Florida International University

    Note: You are allowed to submit two first-author abstracts.




    Alexandra Christensen (she/her) 
    Jet Propulsion Laboratory