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AGU 2022 Session: Coastal Biophysical Interactions

  • 1.  AGU 2022 Session: Coastal Biophysical Interactions

    Posted 08-03-2022 10:14
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    Dear colleagues,
    We want to draw your attention to the new AGU session; "EP005 - Coastal Biophysical Interactions: Hydrodynamics, Sedimentary Processes, Morphodynamics, and Coastal Resiliency". We encourage your abstract submission in studies which draw connections between ecological and physical processes in coastal, tidal, and estuarine settings using field, laboratory, remote sensing, theoretical, and numerical methods.
    Session Description:
    Coastal landscapes are shaped through biophysical interactions between hydro-morphodynamic, biological and ecological processes. Organisms across the water column and the substrate affect hydrodynamics, sediment transport and geomorphic change at various spatial and temporal scales. This session welcomes scientific advances on ecohydraulic and biogeomorphic interactions across coastal and estuarine environments. Areas of interest may include but are not limited to: flow-sediment-vegetation interactions, benthic effects on flow, sediment transport and mixing, and biophysical responses to human impact, extreme events or climate change. We encourage participation of studies including aquatic vegetation, microbial mats, algae, oyster and coral reefs, fish, and micro- and macrofauna.
    Please submit your abstracts by Wednesday, August 3. AGU Fall Meeting will be held in Chicago (and online) December 12-16, 2022.
    We look forward seeing you in December!
    Session Conveners:
    Muriel Brückner (University of Exeter)
    Isamar Cortes (Montclair State University)
    Jorge E. San Juan (University of Minnesota)

    Jorge San Juan