Commitment to Racial Justice

24 June 2020

Dear Colleagues,

At this critical moment in history, and on behalf of the EPSP community, we support a renewed commitment to racial justice and condemn police brutality against members of the Black community and others. We stand with Black Lives Matter and others against racist cruelty, bigotry, and violence, and are committed to being part of the change that is so desperately needed.
The statements made by AGU and other organizations are a start, but only a start. AGU has signed  A Call to Action for an Anti-Racist Science Community from Geoscientists of Color: Listen, Act, Lead and we encourage you to read this document carefully. The historical, cultural, economic, and political currents that have brought us to this moment are not easily reversed, and will require ongoing engagement from all of us. More broadly, building a community that welcomes all is not just about doing the right thing at the right time. It’s about recognizing that the best science requires the broadest range of perspectives and participants. We NEED the full complement of human insight and experience to solve our challenging problems. 

And in that spirit, we recommit ourselves to combating systemic racism, strongly encouraging all members of the EPSP community to do the same. As elected officers and various committee members of EPSP reach out, listen, learn, and take action in new ways, we  will communicate these developments through the section’s newsletters, website, and social media platforms. During the coming weeks and months, we will develop and publicize specific action items to remain accountable to our community and track our progress related to these efforts. Our first task is to form a vibrant new committee that will focus solely on diversity, inclusion, and anti-racism. Please watch for our call for volunteers to apply for this important effort. In the meantime, or at any time, feel welcome to send suggestions to the officers listed below.

Dorothy Merritts, EPSP President
Gordon Grant, President Elect
Noah Snyder, Secretary