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granular, geo, and physics, oh my!

  • 1.  granular, geo, and physics, oh my!

    Posted 05-22-2024 20:37

    Hello, fellow geomorph and geohazards fans!

    Are you fascinated by "granular matter" (particle-fluid behaviors) and how physics can relate them to "soft matter", and in geology things get even more exciting? (in tectonics, earth's mantle, earthquakes, etc.).  Then you should consider coming to the Gordon Research Conference (GRC) on Granular Matter this June 23-28.  Or it's predecessor (for graduate students and postdocs only), the Gordon Research Seminar (GRS) on Granular Matter this June 22-23.  To learn more, click on the links above, email me directly, explore at this URL ( or read on....

    We have two important announcements about supplemental funding and oral presentation opportunities for those who have already registered and also for those who have not yet decided As you read these, please note the registration/payment deadline for the conference is May 26

    1. Apply for travel / registration / support funding:

    We have new funding (registration and/or travel) particularly for early-career and/or underrepresented minority groups and/or those from non-R1 institutions. If you want to be considered for funding, please fill out this form – even if you are already accepted/registered:

    The application for funding form closes on May 22 2259h Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). . Applications received after that will not be considered. We will notify all applicants about funding and oral presentation options by May 24.  The registration/payment deadline for the conference is May 26.  Please note that most of the funding will require you to turn in receipts and be reimbursed following the conference.   If you require a fee waiver prior to the conference in order to attend, please click the relevant box on the application.

    As per EU privacy regulations, please note that all personal information collected will be deleted from the server after reimbursement is complete and reporting to funding agents has been finalized. These processes can take several months. For questions about the survey and data management, please contact me (or both me and Joshua, the GRC chairs, listed at the end of this ridiculously long email).

    2. Apply to present your "late breaking research" orally at GRC:

    (or just register to present your awesome research as a poster).  You may have noticed some slots in the published GRC program for "late breaking topics". If you are eager to -orally- present late breaking work that you feel is pushing the boundaries of science,  (all participants can present posters), please click on the following link and fill out the form. All granular subjects, will be considered by our panel:

    This form closes on June 7 2259h Greenwich Mean Time (GMT). Applications after that will not be considered. We will notify all applicants about oral presentation decisions (and, where applicable, timing) by June 14.



    Further details about the conference:

    The registration/payment deadline for the conference is May 26.

    - Date: June 23 - 28, 2024

    - Location: Stonehill College, Easton (MA), United States

    - Highlights: cutting-edge research in granular matter -- engineering, mathematics, physics, chemistry, geology and planetary sciences


    More info & registration:

    We are thrilled to announce the upcoming Gordon Conference on Granular Matter (Granular Matter GRC), a premier international scientific conference dedicated to advancing the frontiers of science in the realm of granular materials, from slurries to space dust. This five-day conference will take place in Stonehill College, fostering an environment that encourages camaraderie, scientific exchange, and the development of lasting collaborations and friendships. We are happy to announce that we have a diverse set of speakers, which is essential for the field, as granular materials present challenges that require multidisciplinary solutions. The conference brings together experts from engineering, mathematics, physics, chemistry, geological and planetary sciences to address these challenges collaboratively.

    From clay to gravel, cosmetics to coffee beans, and dust to suspensions, granular media are omnipresent and play a crucial role in various applications, both human-based and natural. The event will cover this wide range of topics covered by granular materials and their relevance for fundamental research and practical applications. This year's conference will emphasize applications under "extreme" conditions and environments, pushing the boundaries of granular matter science.

    As usual for Gordon Conferences, the Granular Matter GRC showcases cutting-edge and unpublished research in the field, providing a platform for scientists worldwide to present their latest developments and discoveries. Following each talk, ample time is allocated for in-depth discussions, allowing participants to engage with speakers and delve deeper into the presented research. In addition to formal discussions, the conference includes designated time for poster sessions, afternoon free time, and communal meals, facilitating informal networking opportunities. These interactions aim to bridge gaps between scientists and engineers from different disciplines, fostering cross-disciplinary collaborations. The conference will include organized discussions around Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) topics, acknowledging the importance of creating an inclusive environment in scientific communities. We are also paired with a Gordon Research Seminar, specifically aimed to provide a growth environment for junior scientists.

    Join us at the Gordon Conference on Granular Matter as we celebrate the diversity, challenges, and frontiers of granular materials. Together, let's push the boundaries of scientific knowledge and build bridges across disciplines.

    We look forward to welcoming you at this exciting and enriching scientific gathering.


    Kimberly Hill & Joshua Dijksman, chairs for GRC

    Kerstin Nordstrum & Chris Ness, vice-chairs for GRC

    Olfa D'Angelo & Navid Hooshanginejad, chairs for GRS

    Kimberly Hill
    Department of Civil, Environmental, and Geo-Engineering
    University of Minnesota