Earth and Planetary Surface Processes

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Register for additional "aeolian" events at this year's AGU.

  • 1.  Register for additional "aeolian" events at this year's AGU.

    Posted 10-27-2020 12:57
    Please note correction below: the first watch party is on Thursday Dec *3rd* (not 2nd as originally posted).

    As the full talks will be pre-recorded and interactions more limited than usual at this year's AGU, we
    have organized some additional events in association with the "Aeolian Processes on Earth and Other Planetary Bodies" session. If you will be attending AGU and would like to receive details of how to join these additional interactive events, please register here:  These events will include:
    Zoom 'watch parties' at which we'll play the full, 15-min talks and have live chats between presenters (if present) and other participants:
    - Thu Dec 3rd, 09:00-11:30 PT (17:00-19:30 UT): watch party for oral session II (theme i: bedforms; theme ii: dust lifting)
    - Fri Dec 4th, 11:00-13:30 PT (19:00-21:30 UT): watch party for oral session I (theme: sand transport)
    An interactive poster session (via Zoom breakout rooms): 
    Wed Dec 9th, 11:45-13:45 PT (19:45-21:45 UT)
    Note that these events are in addition to the official events on Wed Dec 9th, which include two live Q&A sessions for talks at 07:00-08:00 & 10:30-11:30 PT (15:00-16:00 & 18:30-19:30 UT), with poster presenters specifying when they're available to chat during the day and a possible group video session for poster presenters (tbd). 
    A summary of presentations in this session is provided below, with more details available in the AGU program here:
    Claire Newman, Serina Diniega, Christy Swann, and Ryan Ewing (session convenors).
    [Theme: Sand transport]
    EP022-01 Baker: Surface Investigations of Aeolian Activity on Mars: Recent Advances and Outstanding Questions
    EP022-02 Kamath: Particle-based simulation of aeolian sand transport: The effect of sand availability on the transport dynamics
    EP022-03 Claudin: Unexpected enhancement of saltation at Martian-like pressures
    EP022-04 Comola: Relevance and modeling of intermittency in wind-driven sediment transport
    EP022-05 Lee: Aeolian sand transport: Video analysis of streamer structure and dynamics
    EP022-06 Cohn: Insights on aeolian streamer dynamics from conventional and doppler lidar measurements
    EP022-07 Gundersen: PIV measurements of intracrater flow dynamics utilizing a mound-bearing impact crater model in a refractive index matched environment
    EP022-08 Roback: Using Measurements of Aeolian Sand Transport to Ground-truth Martian Atmospheric Models

    [Theme: Bedforms]
    EP023-01 Gadal: Dune emergence: multidirectional wind regimes and boundary conditions
    EP023-02 McDougall: Topographic Controls on Yardang Morphology Revealed with High-Resolution Digital Elevation Models of Yardangs in the Altiplano-Puna, Argentina and the Medusae Fossae Formation, Mars
    EP023-03 Lancaster [Gunn presenting]: Long-term dune geometry bounded by geology and climate
    EP023-04 Bordiec: Sublimation and condensation waves on icy planetary surfaces
    [Theme: Dust lifting]
    EP023-05 Ziegler: Parameterization of a drag partition scheme using field measurements of surface shear stress distribution
    EP023-06 Edwards: Calibrating an All-Lands Wind Erosion Model for Rangelands
    EP023-07 Wellington: A Time-Series-Based Approach to Modeling Planetary Surface Change
    EP023-08 Perrin [Losen presenting]: One Martian Year of Dust Devil Tracks Around the InSight Landing Site, Mars: analysis of HiRISE images and Comparison with in-situ Atmospheric Data.

    EP018-0001 Gough: Reanalyzing MAHLI Images from the Bagnold Dune Field: Lessons in Uncertainty and Production of the Largest Known Dataset of Martian Grains
    EP018-0002 Ganey: Mapping the Distribution and Global Budget of Impact-Derived Sediment on Venus
    EP018-0003 Dorn: Intracrater sediment trapping and transport in Arabia Terra
    EP018-0004 Moreland: Windblown Basaltic Sands on the Northern Slopes of Mount Sharp and Adjacent Plains, Gale Crater, Mars
    EP018-0005 Cho: Understanding Formative Winds of Intracrater Aeolian Dunes on Mars
    EP018-0006 Bretzfelder: Analysis of the Unusual Aeolian Bedform at Dingo Gap
    EP018-0007 Light: Bifurcation Patterns in Linear Dunes
    EP018-0008 Diniega: Investigating present-day dune formation on Mars
    EP018-0009 Sneed: Large-Scale HiRISE Survey Demonstrates a Genetic Relationship Between Martian Periodic Bedrock Ridges and Transverse Aeolian Ridges
    EP018-0010 Weintraub: Thermophysical and Compositional Trends of Lithified Bedforms on Mars
    EP018-0011 Hunt: Geological Map of Petrified Dunes and Yardangs in Apollinaris Sulci
    EP018-0012 Jackson: Inferring Vortex and Meteorological Statistics from the Insight Mission
    EP018-0013 Thorne: Investigations of Magnetic Field Signals During Pressure Vortices at InSight