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Special Collection: Fire in the Earth System

  • 1.  Special Collection: Fire in the Earth System

    Posted 08-27-2020 19:12

    Dear AGU Community, 

    A newly opened special collection across 10 AGU journals, entitled Fire in the Earth System, will bring together new research on physical and biogeochemical processes associated with landscape fires, implications for human and ecosystem health, effects on water resources and critical infrastructure, fires in the wildland-urban interface, the use of prescribed fire and other mitigation strategies, and modeling efforts to characterize potential future fire regimes in a changing world. 

    We solicit manuscripts on research representing new advances in understanding these and other aspects of fire, and we especially encourage cross-disciplinary consideration of fire-related processes. The manuscript-submission window will remain open until May 2021 to allow for the inclusion of findings from the 2020 (northern-hemisphere summer) and 2020–21 (southern hemisphere summer) fire seasons. 

    This is a joint collection organized by AGU editors in the following journals: Earth's FutureEarth and Space Sciences, GeoHealthGeophysical Research LettersGlobal Biogeochemical CyclesJGR AtmospheresJGR BiogeosciencesJGR Earth SurfaceReviews of Geophysics and Water Resources Research. Manuscripts may be submitted to any of the 10 AGU journals participating in this Special Collection by selecting "Fire in the Earth System" from the drop-down menu in the Special Section field of the submission form. Papers proposed to be submitted to Reviews of Geophysics should be initiated by contacting that journal's editorial office to solicit an invitation.

    Submission Deadline: 08 May 2021

    Special Section Organizers:
    Amy East, Editor-in-Chief of JGR: Earth's Surface
    Amir AghaKouchak, Editor-in-Chief of Earth's Future
    Peter Fox, Editor-in-Chief of Earth and Space Science
    Gabriel Filippelli, Editor-in-Chief of GeoHealth
    Fabio Florindo, Editor-in-Chief of Reviews of Geophysics
    Charles Luce, Editor of Water Resources Research
    Harihar Rajaram, Editor-in-Chief of Geophysical Research Letters
    Peter Raymond, Editor-in-Chief of Global Biogeochemical Cycles
    Lynn Russell, Editor of JGR: Atmospheres
    Cristina Santin, Associate Editor of JGR: Biogeosciences


    Find out more about this special collection and the scope. For more information please contact

    Amy East, Editor-in-Chief, JGR Earth Surface