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Mini-Course: Teaching about Planning for Failure Landslide Analysis - GETSI

  • 1.  Mini-Course: Teaching about Planning for Failure Landslide Analysis - GETSI

    Posted 03-05-2021 01:30
    GEodesy Tools for Societal Issues (GETSI) Project presents the mini-course:
    • Date: Thursday March 11, 2021
    • Time: 12-2 pm PT | 1-3 pm MT | 2-4 pm CT | 3-5 pm ET | 8-10 pm UTC
    • Registration deadline: Tuesday March 9, 2021
    This mini-course gives instructors a chance to learn about the Planning for Failure: Landslide Analysis for a Safer Society majors-level GETSI module and ideas for teaching it virtually and in-person. It will include interactive opportunities for instructors to actually work through parts of student exercises, discuss ideas with peers, and work on implementation planning. $50 stipend* for completion of the course and short implementation plan. All module units are online-ready or online-adaptable.
    In this module students learn empirical methods of mass movement (landslide) hazard mapping and how to tie that to making smarter societal choices. Students explore landslide detection from digital topographic data, the distributive pattern of landslides in a region, and how predictive models (susceptibility maps) are developed and analyzed. This culminates in generating of a risk analysis report and management plan. Materials for student reading and preparation exercises, in-class discussions, lab exercises, group activities, and jigsaw experience are all provided, including teaching tips and suggestions for modifications for a variety of classes.
    This is part of a larger series with other upcoming opportunities.
    The series is designed to support undergraduate instructors interested in using GETSI modules - teaching resources that  feature data and quantitative skills applied to critical topics such as natural hazards, climate change, and water resources. Each mini-course is two hours long and will focus on one of the published GETSI modules. Coming up next:
    • Teaching about Modeling Flood Hazards [Majors-level module]
      • Date: Thursday March 25, 2021
      • Time: 12-2 pm PT | 1-3 pm MT | 2-4 pm CT | 3-5 pm ET | 8-10 pm UTC
      • Registration deadline: Tuesday March 23, 2021
    *Stipend for participants who complete the Implementation Planning Form by the Sunday after the mini-course. Must be US citizen or permanent resident to receive stipend; however, others are welcome to participate without compensation. You may attend multiple mini-courses. Stipends will be compiled and sent out after the end of the term during which the mini-course was held.
    GETSI is funded by the US National Science Foundation. All modules are free and distributed online via the GETSI website.

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