Earth and Planetary Surface Processes

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Aeolian session at this year's AGU Fall Meeting.

  • 1.  Aeolian session at this year's AGU Fall Meeting.

    Posted 07-30-2021 13:31
    Dear Colleagues,

    We would like to invite you to submit abstracts to the AGU Fall Meeting Session EP001: Aeolian Processes on Earth and Other Planetary Bodies. 

    Aeolian processes shape landscapes throughout our Solar System. Spacecraft missions continue to reveal evidence of past and present aeolian activity on bodies other than Earth: from dust devils and aeolian sedimentary rock strata on Mars to dunes on Titan and Pluto. Earth-based observations, experiments, and theories have provided the basis for assessing and predicting aeolian processes on other planetary surfaces. However, integrating discoveries from Earth and planetary aeolian studies is essential for understanding and interpreting aeolian processes across a broad range of planetary atmospheres and landscapes. Existing models are challenged by rare but valuable planetary meteorological and aeolian datasets, resulting in new understanding of fundamental aeolian processes. 

    This session welcomes presentations on work that aims to increase our overall understanding of modern and ancient aeolian processes across our Solar System. Submissions that focus on integrating planetary and terrestrial knowledge, or that explore new ideas, instruments, and methodologies, are especially encouraged. 

    We are delighted to announce that our invited speakers this year will be Sierd de Vries of TU Delft and Mackenzie Day of UCLA. 

    To submit an abstract to this session, visit  

    Convenors: Claire E. Newman (Aeolis Research), Jordan M. Bretzfelder (UCLA), Ryan C. Ewing (Texas A&M), and Christy Swann (U.S. Naval Research Laboratory).

    Abstract submissions are due by 23:59 EDT on August 4th.


    Claire, Jordan, Ryan, and Christy.