Prior Years Meeting Information

SPA Content from the Virtual Fall Meeting 2020

Slides from SPA Events this year
Slides from SPA Reception
NASA Slides from Agency Night
NSF-GEO Slides from Agency Night
NSF-AST Slides from Agency Night

Recordings of Plenary Lectures
Bowie Prize Lectures
Van Allen Lecture (Robert L. McPherron)
Nicolet Lecture (Kristina A. Lynch)
Hanson Lecture (Roderick A. Heelis) (coming soon)

SPA Section Awards
International Basu Talk (Shiyong Huang)
US Basu Talk (Meghan Burleigh)
Scarf Talk (Parisa Mostafavi)
SPARC Talk (Charles William Smith) 

More Information: This Year's Honors and Award Recipients

Social Events
SPA Early Career Mixer:                             Thurs 12/3,   5-6p ET  |  2p PT
SPA/ASE/PS Student-Scientist Mixer:       Fri      12/4,   4:00-5:30p ET  |  1:00p PT
SPA Reception and "Business Meeting":   Tue     12/8,   6-7p ET  |  3p PT
SPA Agency Night / Town Hall:                 Mon    12/14, 1-2p ET  |  10a PT

The Union has put together a suggested S/EC itinerary which you can find here.

     SHINE Student Meetup:12/7, 5pm ET | 2pm PT
     Trivia Night: 12/11, 5pm ET | 2pm PT

SPA Prize Lectures
Hanson + SPA Award Ceremony:   12/8, 7-8:30p ET | 4:40p PT
Nicolet Lecture:                              12/9, 7-8p ET | 4p PT
Van Allen Lecture:                          12/9, 8:30-9:30p ET | 5:30p PT