In Memoriam

Dear AGU Geodesy Community --

With the recent passing of some pioneers in space geodesy we have heard the need to better communicate with the section about these important events. If you become aware of an AGU Geodesy Community member who has died and you could contribute some information please consider contacting the Geodesy Section Leadership to coordinate posting information.

You can also visit the AGU In Memoriam page. There you can read contributed notices, post information and/or provide links to other online articles or obituaries. Many scientists in our community are cross-disciplinary so its best if these notices are placed in view of the broader AGU community.

We can also post temporary messages to the AGU Geodesy Section front page, and will do so as quickly as possible on request.

Some recent notices include:
Donald H. Eckhardt, PhD, 21 October 2023
Ivan Mueller, PhD, 12 April 2023
James E. Faller, PhD, 14 June 2023
Misha Kogan, PhD, 16 March 2022
Christopher Harrison, BA, MA, PhD, ScD, 7 September 2021
Daniel Weill, PhD, 3 October 2020